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February 27, 2019


Ethical sponsored article

December 7, 2018


What is a website usability test?

October 18, 2018



Proxy server in the company network

Proxy servers, more difficult to configure than firewalls, however, offer opportunities for which it is sometimes worth to take the trouble to implement them. A properly configured proxy server brings benefits that a normal firewall cannot deliver...


Essential hairdressing furniture - does your...

What furniture is necessary in a hairdressing salon? Here is a list of things that are absolutely necessary. Hairdressing chair No hairdressing salon can do without a decent chair. A hairdresser's chair is essential in everyday work, it...


What is the difference between ordinary toughened...

Toughened glass has been a very popular option for some time now. Every smartphone user knows it's important to protect the display. The large touchscreen is the control and operating centre, so it is important to protect it. Unfortunately, even...


Online advertising in 2019 - trends and antitrends

The Internet advertising market is undoubtedly one of the most dynamically developing advertising markets. At the same time, this market is a very changing market. Speaking of trends and antitrends in online advertising, it is worth noting:...