Creative ways of advertising - printing on latex balloons


Advertising is the lever of trade - countless academic papers, articles in trade journals and books have been written about this statement. We all know that it's worth to appear in the media, it's worth having a recognizable brand. Not everyone, however, knows how little it would take to talk about us positively without a lot of money. Economical and precisely tailored forms of advertising in local social media are not doomed to failure, and their growing popularity proves their effectiveness.

Printing on latex balloons is one of the most effective ways to promote positively associated advertising. First of all, because... balloons! Each of us loves them, regardless of age. Balloons work best for outdoor events or special events, such as the premiere of a new film at a festival or the opening of a new store. The balloons distributed to children remind their parents of the brand, which contributes to recognition and, as a result, to increased reach and profit.

The advantages of balloons are: high precision, long air retention time and quality of application. Printing on latex balloons in its unchanged form withstands years of intensive use. Such a long period of time is obviously unnecessary, but it illustrates the great level represented by balloons. The print type can be selected from two methods - screen printing and CMYK. Balloons are produced in different sizes, and the difference between the smallest screen printed - 25 centimetres in diameter - and the largest - 90 centimetres in diameter - shows how flexible this advertising medium can be. Printing on latex balloons with the latter option (CMYK) varies from 25 centimetres to 35 centimetres.

What is the difference between screen printing and CMYK?

Printing on latex balloons using screen printing allows you to choose up to 8 colours, so it is ideal for logotypes or inscriptions. It is possible to create a larger balloon size and the printing area is 10-15 centimetres. CMYK is a printout of 80% of the balloon surface, but smaller in size - the largest diameter of the balloon in this case is 35 centimetres. The advantage is the full color palette, so what can be printed on a piece of paper in a regular office printer can be printed using CMYK method on a balloon.

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