How to organize work at home?


Working from home is a huge challenge. Many people choose this form of employment because they do not want someone to stand over their heads, it allows for flexible working time, so you can stop working at any time, devote more time to your family. These are the assumptions, and how does homework look like in practice?

Proper organization of time is extremely important, because remote working involves the appearance of many types of diffusers. For example, family, children or other household duties effectively distract our attention from what we should be doing at the moment. Man is beginning to think more and more about other things, such as cleaning, doing laundry, lunch. It is also tempting to be able to browse the Internet and social networks, which additionally steals our time. So how do you deal with remote working to focus on it and not distract your attention?

1. set strict working hours

This allows you to work more efficiently. Focusing on working only at certain hours, we usually work shorter, but more effectively, so it is advisable to stick strictly to your plan.

2. task schedule

Before starting work it is worthwhile to plan a whole day, every hour. This is not only about work, but also about household chores, such as having lunch or taking children out of school. In that case, we know exactly what we should be doing at the moment.

3. an office away from home

Leaving home completely changes the perspective. If you do not have a place to work that is not at home, you can try working from special coworking rooms, which have recently become more and more popular.

Working outside the office

Calendar or organiser

Nowadays, there are more and more applications and devices that effectively replace their paper counterparts. This allows for effective planning of the next few days, both for private matters and those directly related to work.

5) Limitation of social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very effective in distracting and distracting us from work. It is best to limit your activity to the necessary minimum, directly related to our duties. Facebook is the biggest devourer of time, so you should reach for it only in your free time.

6. taking one's days off

At least one day a week should be devoted exclusively to relaxation and dealing with non-work related matters. It can be Friday, Saturday, Sunday, as well as any day of the week - you decide for yourself. It is worth remembering, however, that in such a case you must strictly follow your own arrangements. On public holidays, the work should be completely set aside and not be dealt with in any way.

7. remember to wear appropriate clothing

Working from a bed in a pajamas is often less effective, because it is terribly lazy and discourages us from acting. It is worth dressing properly, not too formally, but in such a way that we are comfortable and nothing distracts our attention.

Introducing these seven changes to our work can significantly increase our productivity, which will translate into better organisation of both professional and private life.

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