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We often hear that someone is engaged in a profession of public trust. What does that actually mean in practice? Persons whose profession is classified as a profession of public trust do not work only for their own profit. In such cases, it is also important to carry out one's duties in the name of higher values to meet the needs of society, e.g. the protection of human life in the case of doctors. One of the professions of public trust is also a notary public. What are the responsibilities of notaries and when can we turn to them for help?

The profession of notary

In the professional language it is said that a notary performs certain legal activities when clients (called in the legal language of the parties) want to give the form of a notarial deed to a given situation. We most often use the services of a notary public when signing various real estate contracts (this is primarily about buying and selling). Notaries throughout Poland have the same range of services.

If you set up a company, want to draw up a will or a power of attorney, then you also need to use the assistance of a notary. A notary can also manage the succession because he has the right to draw up a so-called certificate of succession.

Using the services of a notary it is worthwhile to arrange an information meeting, during which the notary will introduce us to the rules of legal action and familiarize us with a list of documents that will be required in a given situation. Such an information meeting should be free of charge.

The key to the work of a notary is to keep the notary's secret. A notary may not provide any information about the matters he or she is involved in, otherwise he or she may lose the right to practice his or her profession, i.e. he or she will be removed from the list of notaries. This is the so-called obligation of professional secrecy (a similar situation applies to doctors, for example). This is one of the reasons why the profession of notary is considered a profession of public trust.


How to become a notary?

A notary must have a university degree in law. However, obtaining the title of a bus is not everything. In order to practise this profession, you must pass an examination that will allow you to complete a notarial application that currently lasts 3 years and 6 months. After completing the application, we will take another professional exam. A notary is appointed by the Minister of Justice. If we meet all the requirements, we can start working in a notary's office. The majority of legal activities performed by a notary public take place in a notary's office. However, there are some situations which force you to work outside the office, e.g. when one of the parties is unable to appear in a specific place due to health reasons (however, it must present an appropriate medical certificate).

In the work of a notary it is very important to constantly retrain. It is also essential to have a very good knowledge of the law, which is constantly changing. Therefore, people who think about the profession of notary must take into account the fact that after graduation you cannot rest on your laurels.

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