What must a modern online store have, i.e. 2019 trends in e-commerce?


Every year, new trends are emerging, thanks to which the share of e-commerce in the total volume of domestic sales is constantly growing. A modern online shop is able to guarantee much higher profits than a stationary one, as hundreds and even thousands of entrepreneurs have already seen. However, only those who follow the latest trends can count on success. Competition on the market is huge and it reaches for various types of marketing tools.

The latest e-commerce trends 2019 - what will be the top e-commerce trends this year?

An undeniable trend in 2019 will certainly be m-commerce. Already in the previous year there was a growing interest in e-commerce among consumers. Nowadays almost everyone, regardless of age, has a modern mobile device, which has long since ceased to be used exclusively for receiving text and voice messages. Smartphones are now used to surf the web and browse the offers of online shops. Mobile devices even make transactions, so a modern online store should have a responsive website, i.e. a mobile page of its website. This affects its position in search results, so follow the Mobile First trend. This will be helped by modern shop software adapting to m-commerce starndards.

Personalization of the offer and user experience

Another trend in e-commerce is the personalization of the offer and Customer experience. It is on the basis of Internet users' preferences and their behaviour on the Internet that it is possible to create an offer tailored to their individual needs. Thanks to appropriate actions, it is possible to adjust your sales activities to the expectations of a selected target group. It is important to ensure efficient customer service, as well as communication and consumer perception. Customer experience concerns the entire purchasing process, which every modern shop should remember.

Social Commerce

Another trend is Social Commerce, i.e. sales in social media. It is no longer sufficient to limit yourself to selling only through your website. A modern shop should open up to new sales channels on social media portals such as Facebook. Just running a fanpage on such platforms gives great opportunities for the company - for example, you can share catalogues with your products or mark them on photos.

Chatbot and VR

Another trend in e-commerce are chatbots, thanks to which potential customers can have 24 hours a day with the company, that is also outside the working hours of consultants. This in turn requires appropriate programming of this type of tools based on artificial intelligence. In 2019, the forefront will also be the extended virtual reality, which will allow potential customers to get acquainted with the store's offer in the comfort of their own homes on the basis of real product visualizations.

What else is new in the world of e-commerce?

Speaking of e-commerce trends, you can not forget about free shipping and return without incurring additional costs for the customer, which will be very competitive. Friendly and easy return policy and the possibility to receive the ordered goods free of charge translates into an increase in sales of several dozen percent.

The trend of 2019 will also be voice search and the use of tools such as machine learning to personalize the offer and all messages. More and more stationary stores will be integrated with e-shops, which will translate into higher profits. Customers can browse the shop's offer and place orders online, and pick up the packed goods at the nearest stationary outlet. A modern online shop should focus on even faster processing of orders so that they reach customers on the same day. The Progressive Web Apps and Herakles architecture follow the trends of the Progressive Web Apps and the Herakles architecture to gain a greater competitive advantage. Thanks to this, it will be possible to create mobile applications without the need to hire a separate team and manage them all from the level of your e-shop.

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