A perfect business card - or what kind of one?


A business card is used to provide information that will enable you to contact the company or a private person. So we must not forget about the fact that we must make it readable. The basic information that should be placed on the business card is the name of the company/name and forms of contact. The most important is, of course, the address, telephone and e-mail. Nothing stands in the way of including other important data.

Historic business card function

A business card is an evolution of a long-used business card, which was used to notify visitors. They were also left as evidence of visits when the hosts had not been found at home. Initially, only name and surname were placed on them, and in the interwar period also addresses. Business cards are now an integral part of any business meeting.

What information on the business card?

The business card should contain information such as: the name of the company, information about services provided or business activity. However, do not place a full offer. The information must be concise and brief. On the business card it is necessary to put also the possible ways of contact, as well as the website if the owner of the business card has it.

Business card layout

Logo, company name or first and last name should be placed in the centre or at the top of the business card. They can be distinguished in bold or larger font. Contact information is best placed at the bottom of the business card, in the centre or in the right-hand corner. Under the personal business card it is also worth to include the owner's academic or business title and its function in the company.

Business card design

Font sizes

Due to the size of business cards, the font used most often is not very large. More important information is best written in Arial font with a height of 8 points, and standard information is best written in Arial font with a height of 6 points. However, it is worth experimenting with sizes, because what counts first of all is the legibility of a business card and not the applicable standards.

Business card format

The most frequently used is a business card with dimensions of 9x5cm in a horizontal arrangement. This is the most practical solution. Vertical layout is rarely used, it is much harder to put information on it properly. The content written on the business card should have a delicate margin and all important information should be away from the border. This will reduce the possibility of accidentally cutting off important elements when punching business cards. A 2.3 mm bleed on each side is also very often used. Such a format is a standard in Poland, in Western Europe 5.5x8.5 cm is often used, and in Scandinavia 5.5x9 cm.

Business card paper

Due to the limited dimensions and the need to maintain maximum legibility, it is necessary to select the right paper. For printing business cards, matte paper weighing 350g/m2 is most often used. It is thick and rigid, and also resistant to damage. It is also easy to combine it with additional decorative elements. Decorative papers are characterized by a texture unique to each variety. The difference is not only visible, but also noticeable to the touch - every person who takes such a business card in hand will feel this subtle difference.

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