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Professional speech allows to lead a prosperous life for thousands of people in the United States. In Poland, the industry is still in its infancy. However, there is great potential for this. More and more people who organize conferences, more and more business owners are of the opinion that it is necessary to hire specialists in this field.

The earnings of the best professional speakers reach several thousand zlotys - we are talking about remuneration for one speech.

Incentive speaker

The main advantages of being a professional speaker are: high salaries, building new friendships, visiting the world for free. The best speakers in Poland, who do not have the status of public persons, receive a remuneration of several thousand zlotys for just one performance. But the number of such speakers is very small, and in the whole country there are at most a dozen or so of them. However, reaching such a high level requires several, sometimes even more, years of work. Many people may be shocked when they learn that the organiser of the speech paid several thousand zlotys for the duration of several dozen minutes.

However, we should remember that preparing a presentation is hard work. A participant in a competition for the best speech - he has between five and seven minutes to make a speech - prepares himself for it for a very long time. Writing a text alone takes about twenty hours. The presentation is repeated and recorded, sometimes even a hundred times. A number of improvements need to be made. It will take almost 300 hours to prepare a professional presentation, for which the speaker will receive 60 minutes. Beginners very often receive no remuneration for their presentations, thus building their brand.

Professional speaker

Motivational speeches and the labour market

In our country the market of professional speakers is only just beginning to develop. It is therefore difficult to find speakers who fit on a specific occasion, and it is also difficult to find contacts. It may sound strange, but sometimes even large companies look for speakers in a less professional way, reaching for videos posted on a popular Internet channel. However, the number of people interested in becoming a professional speaker is systematically increasing. There are more and more clubs that teach their listeners how to speak in public.

Incentive training

High motivation at work allows to achieve better results and creates added value in the form of tightening ties in the company team. The team integrates. It is no secret today that money alone at the end of a month is not enough to motivate people. The more valuable an employee is, the more important the issues of recognition and good atmosphere are to him than money. For the most highly skilled, personalised approaches to pay and motivation are needed, which will also take into account the potential of the company. Incentive trips, which can be combined with training, are also an important element of motivation schemes.

Purpose of incentive-based training

All kinds of events and incentive trips are primarily aimed at increasing the level of satisfaction. This means, above all, building a better working atmosphere among employees, improving their ability to communicate and creating links with the company. More and more often, similar events are organized for or with the participation of the most important clients, in order to make cooperation with the company even more suitable for them. The ultimate goal in the case of an employee is always his or her motivation and focus on achieving the objectives of the company. What's more, such meetings also help to cope with weak employees, trigger the willingness to deal with them and improve the situation in the team.

Dedicated incentive training

Profit motivational training for the company

There is a risk that all kinds of incentive programmes related to training, events and trips can only be a costly fad. This is the case when the reward system in the incentive system is not seen by the employees in a sufficiently positive way. An employee must want to strive for the award and thus generate additional profits, be motivated. Trainings linked to mobility are virtually irreplaceable by other mechanisms and should be taken into account by human resources departments as well as by smaller companies.

There is no better way to create an atmosphere at work and a team with people working side by side. One should only bear in mind that a trip is not yet an integration training in itself, and if people are simply chased into one place, it may end in conflicts, i.e. in the opposite way to the one assumed.

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