What affects creditworthiness?


Probably there are times when we think about buying a new item, but we don't necessarily have the means to buy it. When trying to obtain them, we often consider taking out a loan or credit as one of the options. In such a situation, it is worth considering the current state and what affects our creditworthiness.

The basic criterion is our credit history

If we want to take out a loan, we have to take into account our experience with this type of solutions. If we have ever taken a loan, the abbreviation BIK should not be alien to us. It is the Credit Information Bureau that provides the institutions with knowledge about the borrower's past. A person with a positive credit history at the BIK will have the best chances of obtaining a loan. Those of us who have regularly repaid existing commitments will be seen as reliable payers and thus have a better chance of obtaining credit. But what if we don't have a credit history? We don't have to worry about it, because it's a much better situation than a negative story. The most important thing in all this is building a positive credit history at BIK. Sometimes one delay in payment can have a negative impact on the whole story and stand in our way of receiving a cash injection.

Revenue and expenditure shall be taken into account

In order to obtain creditworthiness it is not enough to have a positive history in BIK or lack thereof. We also need sources of income. How much we currently earn and how much of this pool of money we consume is not insignificant, because on this basis the lender will be able to grant us capacity. The way in which we earn income is also important. This is because it gives information on whether they will be certain and permanent and for what period of time we will receive them. The number of people with whom we share our income is not insignificant. The creditworthiness of a person who lives on his or her own and earns X and spends Y per month will be completely different from that of a person who earns the same money and spends the same amount, but lives in a household that has 4 people and is married.

What can stand in the way of obtaining credit?

It all depends on the amount we want to raise to achieve our goal. If your purchase is small and you have a source of stable income and a positive history at BIK, there should be no problem with receiving the money. The situation may get a little bit complicated when you need more money, you will be in the process of repaying another loan, you will have no income for the time being or your expenses will be too big. An unquestionable obstacle to obtaining credit is a bad history in BIK. Non-compliance may result in the suspension of credit opportunities for a longer period of time. Sometimes even an unpaid mandate can make it impossible for us to receive financial support. What to do to avoid such obstacles? You have to settle your obligations on time and build a positive credit history at BIK.

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