The power of mobile advertising


Advertising optimisation

At a time when more than 70% of people are using the Internet and shopping on mobile devices, advertising that is optimized for the resolution of their displays can become one of the best channels to reach the customer and generate significant profits for the company. Research conducted by IAB UK shows that as many as 78% of people believe that the most irritating ads are those that are not adapted to the resolution of smartphones or tablets - they are too small, or contain too much text, which makes them illegible and more difficult to perceive.

Video advertising

The number of people watching video content on smartphones and tablets is growing every year. In 2017, more than 50% of all video displays were on mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that brands create personalized video ads that are optimized for mobile device displays. Such actions will certainly arouse commitment and interest among the recipients, and thus allow to generate greater profits.

Video marketing

It has long been known that an image is easier to perceive than a content because the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Advertising with video content is a tool with enormous marketing potential. According to YouAppi, CMO Mobile Marketing Guide, in 2018 as many as 85% of marketers plan to increase their budget for video advertising displayed on their mobile devices.

Personalisation of advertisements

The appropriate matching of the advertising message involves the use of user data. Advertisements, whose content is tailored to the individual recipient, allow for building a strong relationship with the customer. Moreover, they make the client feel treated as an individual and not as one of many people who receive the same message. Matching advertising to age, gender, interests and place of residence allows to influence the emotions of the consumer. Personalisation makes the recipient feel honored, which makes them more willing to make purchasing decisions and get involved in the content.

The ever-increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets means that mobile marketing continues to grow and that, due to its reach, mobile advertising is becoming the main and most effective way of reaching consumers.

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