3 ways to increase employability


Do you work for the lowest salary? Are you fed up with the exploitation at work and the constant pressure to get out of bed to go to it? You can improve your livelihood by choosing a path of self-development and focusing on improving your professional qualifications by learning language, which is needed in many everyday life situations and necessary to find a good job that will guarantee you a much higher salary.

They have been working for several years, you often think where you made a mistake, that you are still stuck in the claws of the system and every month you receive a salary, which has nothing to do with the work you are doing. You are one of the thousands of Poles who are doomed to the mercy of the employer, but you can change your fate by investing in the development of your language skills, which will allow you to easily find a better job and an employer who will appreciate your efforts!

How to improve one's professional qualifications - 3 ways to achieve professional success

First: stop thinking that you have to work in the same job and with the same employer until retirement.

The times when we worked all our lives in one company and enjoyed the privilege of not worrying about the development of our qualifications are long gone! Today your employer will not ask you to start developing your qualifications and show that you care about promotion and better pay! You have to show yourself that you want to achieve something and even if you have a lot of experience and work experience, you focus on improving the skills you have acquired so far.

Second: start changing your approach to work

Work cannot be just a punishment and a sad necessity, so think about what makes you happy and look for a job that will give you satisfaction with your tasks. The labour market offers more and more diverse opportunities both here in Poland and abroad. Even if you are afraid that a trip "for bread" will smash your family, you can look for happiness in foreign companies, which are more and more willing to invest in Poland and look for new employees.

Regardless of whether you leave your country or work for a company with foreign capital, you need to know English, which is the absolute basis for candidates for a better position.

Third: do not act in an impulsive manner

Before you give notice to your current employer, start investing in your development. It is not worth putting everything on one card, and contrary to appearances language learning is not that expensive, so first after working hours start learning, and then look for a better job and check if the recruitment process is successful for you.

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