5 things to keep in mind, creating a work schedule in the company


The graphics must be arranged in such a way that they fit everyone, and at the same time they are compliant with the law. This seems obvious - but it is much easier to say and take note of than to actually put it into practice. The scheduler has a huge responsibility. It has to reconcile the interests of different parties and at the same time remember about the needs and financial possibilities of a given company. In order to get out of this task with a defensive hand, it is necessary to have at least a basic idea of how to develop a work schedule. Below we describe the five issues that need to be constantly in your mind when creating such a schedule. Good luck!

1. respect your staff

If you do not respect the time and needs of your employees, it will take revenge on you faster than you think. When hiring people at weekends or overnight, or when requiring attendance at shifts of several hours, such respect should be shown twice as much. Students need time off for examinations; mothers have to go to the doctor from time to time with their child; there are family celebrations and other occasions for everyone, which are the reason for limited availability. Every request for a day off must at least be considered. Living outside of work exists whether you want it or not, and employees will manage anyway - they will only take leave on demand or, tired, they will change their place of work....

Think about how many people you need

Contrary to appearances, it is rarely a constance. You must have as many hands to work as you need to do at any given moment. That's why you should estimate it well - both on a single day and a whole year. As a connoisseur of your industry, you'll probably be able to handle this task perfectly; in case of problems, you can use the tools available on the web.

3. count money

The work costs money. Every hour of someone's presence behind the desk, behind the counter or in the field translates into real expenses on the part of the entrepreneur. The work schedule should serve, among other things, to optimise costs. Your biggest enemies are unnecessary bookmark changes and empty working hours, and remember that you must have a surplus in your budget if you suddenly need to arrange a replacement.

4 As they see you, so they write you.

If, despite our instructions, you do not take care of the needs of the staff, and what is worse - you do not respect the labour law, your company's image is in ruins. You will lose in the eyes of employees, but also valuable customers or business partners. A ruined PR is only one side of the coin; a poorly written work schedule also means disorganization in the company, unnecessary rotation of employees and delays for everyone....

5. ignorance of the law harms

Many entrepreneurs seem to ignore the existence of the Labour Code. Meanwhile, Polish law is quite detailed in its approach to the issue of working and rest hours norms; it also orders to settle accounts with the employees in a specific way. The fact that you break these regulations unknowingly will not save your company from potential punishment, which may amount to tens of thousands. To avoid paying a fine, read the labour law.

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