How to earn money on social media?


Image strength - Instagram

If publishing personal photos is not a problem for you, you can use Instagram to create a virtual community of addressees of the visual content you provide. The problem is to make the recipients interested enough to make them stay with you permanently and willing to look at your instagram profile. As with other social networking sites, creativity, ingenuity and authenticity matter.

Photos should be chosen in such a way that they present a specific story with a message. So-called "followersi They will stay with you because they will know what to expect, and access to your publications will broaden their knowledge on topics that interest both you and them.

How to earn money on the Instagram?

The most profitable form of earning money is cooperation based on locating a product of a specific company. If you place pictures of dishes you eat in the city on your instagram profile (according to the fashionable "porn food" trend), you can try to establish cooperation with restaurants where you are staying. You do them an advertisement and they pay you for it. Benefits for both sides.

Earning on youtube

Earn money from shooting - YouTube

You've probably heard about the success of the now popular New Year's Eve Wardrobe vlogger. The popularity of his YouTube channel has brought him huge profits. No wonder if YouTube has reached the level of one billion users, according to estimates. What is more, the number of hours they spend on YT is growing year by year. There is even talk of a 50% growth.

The fact is that promoting yourself on YouTube is not easy. Advertisers appreciate mainly handbooks, product testing and their ingenious, original presentations. Let's look at a specific example: potential customers who intend to buy a volumising shampoo consider it a more reliable review of youtube than the shampoo manufacturer's own opinion. Companies are already familiar with this trend and they are meeting youtubeurs by offering them to test their products and services on the Internet. Profits far exceed the cost of such shares.

Earnings - forecast

The profitability of such a project is something that interests us the most before we even begin our adventure with social media. However, it is difficult to define a specific quota range. It is estimated that profiles run in an amateur way, but with an interesting idea, bring income of several hundred zlotys a month. However, in the case of professional channels, it is even tens of thousands of zlotys! How ambitious are you?

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