5 smartphones that can replace your wallet


The rapid development of technology affects practically every aspect of our lives, it is enough to think how strongly mobile phones have changed in the course of several years. Today, the phone is used not only for calling or sending SMS messages, but also for the Internet, playing games, paying.

It is the latter function that we will discuss this time. These are, of course, telephones which, thanks to the NFC function, can process contactless payments. Some people believe that this is not a safe form of payment, but in the opinion of specialists, there is nothing to worry about the level of security to be similar to that of a regular credit card. The whole procedure is carried out by bringing the smartphone closer to the terminal, just as the card is approaching. This function must be configured in advance, which will be possible with mobile applications of banks.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB

Xiaomi is a brand that has done well in our market. The company has good equipment with attractive components at a better price than other best known companies. Among them is Mi Mix 2, which has as much as 6 inches of screen, attractive components, two cameras and just NFC connectivity. The whole is encased in a ceramic construction with an aluminium frame.

Apple iPhone X 64GB Star Grey

Apple describes this product as one that doesn't have a screen, it's a screen itself. This is the latest and of course the best product from Apple. Attractive OLED screen, TruDepth camera, face recognition, wireless charging and NFC function. The whole is made of strong glass in the front and rear part supplemented with surgical steel. This is undoubtedly the top shelf.

samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Dual Sim Gold

Samsung also boasts a number of mobile payment models. Take an interest in the A8 model with a 5.6" screen. Two excellent cameras in front and one camera in the back. There is also a double slot for sim cards, which will be good for people with private and business equipment. Data in the A8 can be protected by a face scanner, fingerprint reader and PIN code. The whole is based on good efficient components.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro 128GB Dual Sim Grey

The Mate 10 Pro is another smartphone with a 6" screen. Its performance is monitored by the Kirin process, which has artificial intelligence and 6 GB of RAM. The rugged housing and attractive Leica cameras work well. Also noteworthy is the powerful 4000mAh battery, which recharges very quickly.

Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64GB Black

The last device is the flagship model prepared by Samsung. The most important features are the SuperAmoled screen. In the device you will find great hardware in the form of a strong processor, large operating memory. Both the front and rear cameras have a very good performance and will do a great job. We get an iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner, so there is full control over the data. Resistant and certified to withstand dust and water. Especially good for people who use the equipment in very unfavourable conditions.

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