3 most important computer components for the player


Selection of suitable components to the player's computer can be difficult against all appearances. New components, technologies and standards are constantly changing. Not everyone has time to keep up with the latest news about graphics cards, processors, memory, etc. In this tutorial we suggest which elements to pay attention to when configuring a PC.

A jammed game, irregular framing of the image or a map that has been loading for too long - sounds familiar? Problems with your equipment can make you dizzy. But you don't have to replace your computer with a new one right away. Sometimes cosmetic changes are enough to give the old PC a new life. Replacing your graphics card, processor or switching from HDD to SDD can be the key to success.

Graphics card

Given the recent events and the situation on the graphics card market, this will certainly be one of the most expensive investments in a new/modernized computer. The most expensive may cost even tens of thousands of zlotys. Prices at the level of 6-8 thousand zlotys will also not surprise anyone especially nowadays. The proposals in the price range of 1-2 thousand zlotys (GEFORCE GTX 1050 TI or GEFORCE GTX 1060 models) are very popular among users. With a slightly bigger budget (3-4 thousand zlotys) you can equip yourself with a GEFORCE GTX 1080 TI graphics card with a PCI-E connector and 11GB of RAM.

The importance of a graphics card increases, especially if we are talking about a typical gaming configuration. It is therefore worth considering its choice and deciding on the best possible design. Unfortunately, the market is changing at a very fast pace, making it difficult for less experienced customers to master basic information and choose the right model.

When deciding on a purchase, it is worth paying attention first of all to the performance of such a card. CS:GO players will have slightly different requirements, while amateurs of more demanding titles will need different requirements. Remember that a graphics card, depending on its performance, may require an appropriate power supply and dedicated power cords.

grating for games


This is often the first element that is taken into account when composing a gaming computer. Depending on the level of advancement, the processors will have several or several cores. As a rule, it is assumed that the minimum number of cores in the processor for the player is 4-6. When choosing a processor for our gaming computer, it is worth remembering, however, that the most efficient units will have, firstly, a higher price and, secondly, a higher power consumption.

Players most often choose between proposals from AMD or Intel, which offer dozens of different proposals for different groups of recipients. Products from these manufacturers are the most frequently chosen by users. The most popular proposals are the I5-8400, I7-8700K from Intel and Ryzen 5 1600 from AMD. When choosing a processor, it is also worth paying attention to the clock frequency of the device. Here the principle is simple - the higher the better.

Powerful and quiet drive

The drive is not the most important component of a gamer's computer, but it can certainly significantly improve performance and reduce the time it takes to load games and other files. When planning a high-performance gaming computer kit, it's certainly worth including an SSD in it. The benefit of buying such a drive will be double - the computer will be faster and quieter. The SSD has no moving parts and, as such, is completely silent. Depending on the model and capacity, its price will vary from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys.

In the case of a gamer's computer, the new Plextor model from the M9Pe series, announced by the manufacturer as dedicated to gamers, may prove useful. We won't see more frames (FPS), but a faster SSD will translate into smoother gameplay. We will save a lot of time when starting the game, as well as when loading individual maps or locations. An external HDD or network drive (NAS) can take over the role of data storage.


It is commonly believed that a typical gamer's computer is a desktop unit that will usually be more powerful than a laptop. However, manufacturers of portable devices are trying to fight this conviction effectively, gradually saturating the market with more and more gaming laptops.

It cannot be ruled out that creating a PC that will satisfy the player will certainly require considerable financial outlays. Larger ones, if we decide on a completely new computer. Smaller, if you choose to replace individual components. The final satisfaction from having a reliable machine should partly compensate us for any expenses.

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