What tools besides CAT for a translation agency?


Knowledge of foreign languages is an increasingly common skill. First of all, it is an important factor that can influence the success of an abiturient during an interview. Graduates of various philologies can successfully look for a job in large corporations or start their careers as a translator. However, before we pass the exams for a translator, we have to get acquainted with the specificity of this profession. Every candidate for a translator should have a perfect command of at least one language, as well as knowledge of cultural nuances, which often make it difficult to understand the translated text. In addition to knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, the translator must also get to know computer programs, the main task of which is to facilitate the sometimes tedious process of translation.

What tools besides CAT for a translation agency?

There is a special group of programmes that are used by translators. These programs are called CAT (Computer Aided Translation). There is the whole name of the programs that support the translator, and their number on the market is constantly growing. The program used by an interpreter depends on the interpreter's personal preferences, habits and also on the price. CAT tool licenses can be purchased by both a translation agency and a translator who works as a freelancer.

It should be remembered that today's work of a translator cannot be done without such a program. Translations made with the help of CAT programs are not mechanical translations, the main work is still done by a human being. From a technical point of view, such tools can be a separate program with its own interface or an overlay installed in Microsoft Word.

One of the many functions of such systems is dividing into paragraphs, creating and using patterns created by the translator or linguistic help. In addition to translation memory, these programs also allow you to create very useful glossaries.

XTRF system

XTRF system - what is it?

Other programs that also help the translator are XTRF. It is a system which was created in 2004 in Krakow on behalf of LIDO-LANG Technical Translation Agency. The XTRF program is a program that needs constant access to the Internet while working. This allows us to work on every computer with a web browser. The advantages of the program created by Poles include archiving data, creating backups, and above all, the ability to restore lost data from any point in time. All data stored in the system are protected, and access to them has users with a password and login. Also in the case of this program you have to buy a license, for which you pay in monthly installments. XTRF has more than 20 language engines, so we can work with languages popular throughout Europe, as well as languages that use a different alphabet than Latin (e.g. Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian or Greek).

The main function of all programs is to facilitate and streamline the translator's work, so it is so important to get to know these programs and choose the one that suits us best.

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