How to buy a cheaper apartment?


Buying a flat is a very important decision in our lives, so before buying your own flat it is worth getting to know each of the possible means of purchase. Is it possible to buy an apartment cheaper?

Apartment to be renovated

You don't have to buy an apartment right away. A flat to be renovated has the advantage that you can live there right away and renovate over time. However, it is worth to calculate it well, because although the price will be lower, the cost of renovation may significantly exceed our budget.

Or maybe the attic?

The attic can often be really well managed and use every patch of space. Unfortunately, this is not a convenient solution for families with children. However, it is worth considering all pros and cons, because the prices of flats in the attic are really tempting.

Basement dwelling

If not the attic, maybe the basement? The cost of such flats is very attractive. However, it is obvious that this favourable price results from the unattractiveness of a basement dwelling: poorly lit, susceptible to flooding.

Large plate blocks

Large plate building has many drawbacks, but this type of housing estates are often very well connected with the city. Sometimes these flats are twice as cheap as flats in new buildings.

Living with a bailiff

A flat put up for sale by a bailiff can be bought up to one third cheaper. However, there are not many announcements of bailiff auctions, and in order to buy a flat at bailiff auctions you need to have cash, because you need to pay a deposit.

Purchase of a flat from a commune, army or forest inspectorate

It is possible to buy an apartment for as much as 3.75% of its value. Persons entitled to buy are tenants of premises who have worked for a specific owner for three years or who have rented an apartment belonging to the State Forests for three years.

Dwellings with a right to life imprisonment

Some people also decide to buy an apartment with a tenant. These flats are half cheaper, but we are obliged to accept the previous owner of the flat and in case of death - cover the costs of burial.

Dwellings for cash

There are also occasional offers, available only for a short time. Discounts do not usually exceed 10%-15%. The buyer has little time to think about, so it is not possible to take out a loan. Hence the offers addressed to people with a certain amount of cash.

Dwellings from the developer on the outskirts

Cheaper we can buy apartments on the outskirts of the city. Usually these are new buildings and a flat in a developer's state, which generates additional costs.... You should also expect more time to commute to work.

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