The best applications for music recognition


Have you ever had a situation where you wondered what song is on TV or at a party? This is a very common situation in the life of every person. This is no longer a problem nowadays! You can identify your music using the app on your phone.

Specially prepared programs record a fragment of the song being played, and then match it with the matching song. Some programs can also recognize a song when you immerse it in a microphone!


The most popular and most frequently used application of this type is Shazam. It is characterized by a very large library of collected songs, and can even be used to search for samples, i.e. parts of songs that have been used in other productions. It also uses the best search algorithms. An additional advantage of Shazam is its intuitive operation. The application is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, which makes it much easier to use. In addition, it also synchronizes with other programs and music services, so that we can easily share songs found by us on the Internet. It's also very important to integrate with Spotify, which allows you to quickly add a sophisticated song to our playlist. The Shazam is also suitable for low-noise environments, so it can handle almost any situation, including a mass event where there is a lot of noise.


SoundHound is also a noteworthy application. Its advantage is the fact that in addition to searching for data on songs, it allows you to check current trends in the music market, it also has information about the most popular music videos, and even about the birthdays of celebrities. SoundHound also offers charts with the possibility of selecting a specific period. The most interesting feature is the so-called "map view", which allows you to preview how searches for users in our vicinity looked like. This program can also be synchronized with Spotify and other streaming services. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that SoundHound has problems identifying a song in very poor acoustic conditions, which makes it only slightly worse than its predecessor.

Music application

For example:


Musixmatch is the ideal application for people who are interested not only in identifying music but also in lyrics. The function of displaying the current line of song lyrics makes it ideal for houses and karaoke parties. The advantages of the programme also include a large database of songs, as well as the possibility of translating lyrics into Polish. Unfortunately, Musixmatch does not have the function of synchronization with other programs, but this is not such a big problem, if we are mainly interested in using the lyrics of the songs.


The easiest program on the list is MusicID. This application can only identify music on the basis of information about songs contained in its database, which may cause that our work will not always be properly solved. Unfortunately, sometimes there are also problems with the stability of the program and its most important functions, so in some situations it may not be able to cope.


The last recommended application is TrackID. This is a great choice for people who are interested in music and want to keep it with them all the time. It works both as an identifier for musical works and as a source of information on songs and performers. These advantages mean that TrackID can also be used to broaden your own cultural horizons.

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