Headphone amplifier - why do we need this gadget?


A headphone amplifier is a specific device, thanks to which we are able to achieve even more with the use of standard headphones. How does such a device work and is it really useful for something? In this article we will take a closer look at this

How does a headphone amplifier work?

Every mobile device that allows you to listen to music has a built-in internal headphone amplifier. Usually such a solution is sufficient, but unfortunately it also has its drawbacks. Such built-in portable amplifiers are usually of very poor quality. They offer little power so you may not be able to amplify the sound in our headphones enough. Is this a problem? After all, hardly anyone listens to music at the maximum volume of the device. Although this is true, it may still turn out that when you try to make a loudspeaker from our headphones, strange noises will start to appear, they will start to hum or crackle. In this case, it is worth considering buying an external headphone amplifier.

In appearance, it is usually a tiny box that connects between the phone or player's headphone output and our headphones. Most amplifiers of this type offer output power levels between 2mW and 2W. The audio signal is amplified at the input of such a device. The output already receives the signal of the desired power. Some models of amplifiers offer power of up to 6W, but they are usually very expensive and too big to be used comfortably with e.g. a smartphone.

Volume gain

Most of the headphone amplifiers on the market offer higher output voltages. This allows you to achieve higher volume levels. Portable amplifiers offer parameters of 1,8;2,5 or 3,3 Vpp. The strongest devices are able to offer even voltages of 10.18, 24 Vpp. This will increase the sound volume of headphones by up to 5 to 20 dB. Buying an amplifier should solve the problem of too quiet players.

Crossfeed functions


The term "crossfeed" means the interpenetration of sound channels. Thanks to this, the left and right channels gently intersect, which makes it possible to avoid the impression of strong separation of audio channels. It turns out that many people complain about headaches while listening to music from headphones, and crossfeed is designed to prevent this phenomenon and make the sound more natural. This option is available for more advanced headphone amplifiers.

Stationary or mobile amplifier?

The offer includes two types of amplifiers - stationary and mobile. The first type is used for connection at home. Due to its size, it is not suitable for portable use. However, usually such amplifiers show much better parameters than mobile amplifiers. The latter, on the other hand, are smaller and have a battery, so that they can be used in any place.

Is an amplifier needed?

The headphone amplifier is suitable for anyone who wants to amplify the sound coming out of their headphones. In addition, this equipment will be useful for any audiophile, because this device improves not only the volume, but also the sound quality.

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