How to protect your business data?


Company data protection

Regardless of the size of our company, we should expect that it is increasingly exposed to both loss and leakage of valuable data. It is therefore worth considering the introduction of procedures that will reduce the risk of losing control over the data. Of course, the best solution in this context seems to be a combination of common sense and modern technological solutions, especially as technologies to secure confidential data are available today regardless of the size of the company we are talking about.


If you are dealing with small and medium sized businesses, you can often hear that in their case, this backup is seen as the primary protection. It's hard to deny them, because when we restore the last backup of files that have already been lost, we will be able to successfully control the work without incurring unnecessary costs. Of course, the data must in this case be uploaded on an ongoing basis. Backup allows, among other things, when the company's computer is destroyed or lost, the employee modifies the contents of important files, and also when the company has to deal with a disloyal employee who intentionally steals data or deletes it.

Restoring the backup

Backup can also be useful when the encryption of data on the computer is not the responsibility of a human being, but malware, which turns out not to be a rare situation at all. It is worth citing the results of alarming research that even one in four employees, when leaving the company, takes with them important data. They are inclined to do so, especially when the company is not splitting up in a friendly atmosphere, and in such a situation it cannot be surprising to see a strong willingness to use this type of solution.

Of course, backups make sense first and foremost when they are based on strictly defined rules. The most important is that backups should be made frequently enough, and preferably automatically. It also helps when copies of the most important data are stored not in one, but in two places.

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