Integration of XTRF software with MemoQ


Translators with a wide range of language and editorial skills are the foundation of any successful translation agency. However, the dynamic development of this branch of the market has led to attention being paid to the management of such companies. To this end, a number of solutions have been developed to streamline the translation project processes, including XTRF software. If the system is compatible with the CAT tool, the agency can deliver the highest quality translations to its clients - and in a short period of time. One of the options is integration with MemoQ.

What else don't you know about XTRF?

The translation agency management software developed by the Krakow-based company supports the cooperation between the client, the project manager and the service vendor. The entire process of translation project implementation is subject to maximum automation, which saves time and thus increases the profits of the agency. XTRF creates databases of current and potential clients and translators, along with their availability and other details of the services they provide. The specific order is valued and the offer is presented to the client. In the final stage of the project, XTRF is also responsible for streamlining the billing and invoicing processes.

The programme also supports translators in the process of translation into the target language. Files delivered to the office are analyzed for difficulty and number of words or characters. All files within the XTRF system can be freely transferred between translators who can collaborate to improve the quality of the services provided. For full performance of the office management support system, the program can be compatible with the CAT tool, i.e. used for computer-assisted translation. Currently, there are many such solutions on the market, among which you can find both paid and free programs, complex and those for beginners.

Dynamic translation from MemoQ

The high quality of XTRF projects is possible thanks to the integration with MemoQ. This tool, along with SDL Trados, Wordfast and OmegaT, is currently one of the most popular CAT programs. It supports any file format, which makes it stand out from OmegaT. The translator can share and share databases such as translation memories, glossaries and dictionaries of terms. An additional facilitation is the division of the text into segments, which can be divided into several translators and then verified by one person in order to maintain logical and stylistic consistency. This allows us to provide an express service that requires quick delivery.

How does XTRF enable integration with MemoQ?

The compatibility of these two systems is a prerequisite for improving the operation of the translation agency, firstly from a purely formal point of view, linked to the construction of the offer and the execution of the payment. The second aspect is the assistance provided to the translator to speed up the translation process while maintaining the high quality of the output text. Thanks to the combination of MemoQ and XTRF, the user can create applied templates for a specific topic, text form or client. The settings contained in such a document will be recognized by the system and automatically adjusted to subsequent projects.


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