What is the difference between ordinary toughened glass, 2.5 and 3D?


Toughened glass 2.5D

Toughened glass has been a very popular option for some time now. Every smartphone user knows it's important to protect the display. The large touchscreen is the control and operating centre, so it is important to protect it. Unfortunately, even a small fall can check for serious damage. That is why toughened glass is supposed to protect us against such damages.

Glass has a different quality. First of all, there will be a greater thickness and a more rigid structure. The durability is unbeatable and the method of installation is much easier than the foil. New technologies allow us to enjoy better and better protection of our display.

Phone display 2.5D and toughened glass 2.5D

The glass that is marked with this symbol is a compromise between 2D and 3D. The first one has straight edges and most of them can be found on tablets and phones. However, 2.5D is a slightly rounded glass. Such a solution makes you feel that what you see on the screen will be bigger. In this case, only the edge is slightly rounded and all the rest is flat. Toughened glass with this marking is profiled to protect the screen surfaces even in places where the screen will be slightly rounded. Thanks to this, a person who buys such a modern device gets the opportunity to use also such a modern glass, which will provide appropriate protection. It is worth taking advantage of such possibilities, because in practice such glasses work very well.

Tempered glass 3D

3D phone display and 3D tempered glass display

Of course, in this case the name itself will direct us to the effect of three-dimensional space. And this is the case when you look at the construction of such a display. Bent edges and a slightly rounded whole surface are in perfect contact with the screen surface. Such solutions have been used in Samsung S9, among others. Thanks to this, 3D technology appeared there. In addition, thanks to such protection we have to have a much better protection for the edge of the phone. A special tempered 3D glass was created for such a display as well. Thanks to its special form, it will cover the entire screen, including the edges that are bent.

Depending on your phone model, you will need to choose the glass that fits your device. These latest glasses are also prepared in such a way that they are very thin and will not be felt to the touch. Thus, there will be no need to fear that the comfort of using the equipment will be reduced. The above modern models of glass are so prepared that it will not affect the quality of touch screen use, which will of course be important, because everyone wants to have the greatest comfort with modern equipment during its use.

It is therefore worth checking out the good manufacturers, choose glass of a proven brand, which you can be sure will function well and thanks to this and the security of the phone will be very good and the comfort of use will be at the highest level.

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