All about earning money on the blog


A blogger is not dependent on a single source of income, and it is an art to find and match as many of them as possible to the blog and its subject matter.

Overview of the possibilities of earning money from running a blog

Advertisements on the blog

They are a big advantage when you find people willing to advertise on your blog, but don't exaggerate with the number of them. Theoretically, this is passive income, because it is enough to place an advertisement and wait until people visiting the blog start clicking on it, but only theoretically.

Clicking and viewing ads is tedious and of little interest. So you need to think about the people who enter your blog from Google, because they may be interested in advertising and match the links and keywords so that the reader really wants to see the advertisement.

In addition, the content you post, even if it is not written by you, but by a hired copywriter, should be interesting. They should refer to the advertisement and suggest that after clicking on it, readers will find there content that complements the text they read and enriches their knowledge of the subject they are interested in.

Sponsored article

A specific article about a specific company, activity, etc. It is better to avoid overuse of bold phrases, but to make the reader interested in the content. If you thicken something, let the phrase have some factual value, and not only inform about the existence of the promoted project.

Keeping a blog

Contextual advertising

You can use Google AdSense, the most famous advertising network and present users with advertisements for a number of Internet services.

The idea behind such an advertisement is to perfectly match their display to the content presented on the blog and the profile of a given visitor in terms of interests, search history and demography. The point is that in theory he should be interested and not irritated, but in practice good content, generating a lot of traffic on the blog, decides about the income again.

Advertising cooperation

Attracting advertisers by yourself requires effort, but in the long run it pays off the most. For small blogs barter, i.e. exchange of a promotional entry for a product, may be a good solution. There is no direct money from this, but it is a way of wiping out the paths for other potential partners.

Affiliate programmes

Affiliate programs in which the advertiser pays the owner of the blog a commission for generating traffic to his website (e.g. a shop). It consists in placing on the blog links redirecting directly to the seller's website.

Selling your own services or products

Surely the most profitable option, but also the one that requires the most time and effort, and therefore not for the lazy and comfortable.

The scope of activity depends on interests, i.e. we sell what we know. It can be training in blogging, obtaining advertisers, learning computer graphics or e-book. In this case, the workload will pay off for a long time, because once developed a course or book can earn practically infinite profits as long as it will be valuable content for readers.

You can also earn money as a freelancer and work for other bloggers, writing texts for them or developing a business strategy.

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