What is worth knowing about EU grants?


EU grants are an opportunity for many small (and larger) businesses. They allow entrepreneurs to spread their wings by buying new equipment, training employees or hiring specialists. Some people are completely wrongly afraid to apply for grants - they do not do so because they think that they do not have a chance to receive them or that the account will be extremely complicated. Meanwhile, the number of specialists who offer assistance in obtaining and accounting for the acquired support is growing. It is a good idea to use their services or go for training before submitting your first grant application.

Obtaining subsidies - is it worth it?

In order to submit an application that is likely to be accepted, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly. Obtaining all the necessary information will significantly increase the chances of success. What is worth focusing on at this stage?

  • What documents will have to be submitted?
  • What are the formal criteria?
  • What are the substantive criteria?
  • Does the company meet the requirements specified in the grant project?
  • What are the deadlines for submitting applications?

Although it sounds trivial, when applying for EU grants it is necessary to ensure that the application is properly addressed and that all formal requirements are met - without this, the substantive or creative part of the project will not be considered at all. Calls for proposals usually contain all the necessary information, but it is worth reading the regulations as well. This will avoid working hours in the preparation of the proposal, which will fall out of the runways and will not have a chance to pass through the committee's assessment in a positive way.

an application for Union grants

What to keep in mind when preparing an application?

In addition to the grounds mentioned above, it is also worth focusing on the substantive part of the application for EU grants. The right company, such as A1 Europe, will surely provide expert advice on this issue as well. There is no shortage of people willing to receive EU subsidies, so we should draw the attention of the committee, preferably with an exceptional idea or.... a very fine-tuned proposal. Even if the industry is not unusual and the project does not bring creativity to its knees, properly filled documents always make an appropriate, beneficial impression. They show first of all that the applicant really cares about the grant and will know how to use it. There is also no problem with accounting.

Settlement of EU grants

Incorrect project settlement can cause problems. In extreme cases, the subsidised persons even have to reimburse the EU grants they have received. Therefore, it is worth at least the first time to use the help of people with experience in such settlements. You will need to document everything specified in the contract - invoices, tickets, documents proving that the money was spent on exactly what was declared will be useful.

It is also worth remembering that EU grants are not mobile - a company that has submitted two applications and received funding for both projects cannot shift funds between one and the other project, the money declared for training must be spent on them, similarly to the funds for electronic equipment - even if the plans change in the course of time.

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