Who can seek legal advice?


The law itself is intended to serve the general public. It is true that this idea is implemented to different degrees, but it can be said that the development of legal sciences and subsequent amendments to the existing codes lead us to this goal. Lawyers' services are expensive, so the best lawyers usually work for the richest citizens. However, as it turns out, there are also legal advice available to a lower earning section of the population.

Pro publico bono

Few people realize that many lawyers, including those with extensive experience and unquestionable competences, run their business pro publico bono, i.e. they simply help those most in need without charging for it. The legal community in Poland does not have a good reputation among the general public, but as soon as we delve into the subject, it will turn out that not all students of law have taken up their profession for money. Although the idea of pro publico bono activity may seem a bit romantic, it turns out that lawyers acting in this way do not treat free matters at all at a disadvantage, so if we do not have the means to hire a representative at market rates, it is worth considering using this option.

Internet-based guidance

Thanks to the development of new technologies, new forms of legal advice have also emerged, including online advice. Legal advice on the Internet usually works according to the following scheme - the firm on its website provides potential clients with a form in which they should ask a question and provide their data. Then, within a certain time, the question is valued - if the valuation corresponds to the client, the client transfers the money to the account of the office and then receives advice in writing. For many people this form of counseling may seem unattractive, after all lawyers often use terms that are not understood by the layman, and if you don't have direct contact with the person who gives advice, you can't ask him/her to clarify the terms you're interested in. However, law firms providing services via the Internet make sure that their instructions are understandable also for people without legal education.

Online legislation

A specific form of advice is also the provision of legal acts via the Internet. Nowadays, anyone who has access to the Internet can at any time look at the government websites and read the text of any law, taking into account all amendments (the so-called consolidated text). While laws are written in as difficult a language as traditional lawyers' statements, the fact that we can read them at home and without haste means that every citizen is finally able to understand how they work and become aware of their rights. Incidentally, on the Internet we will find not only the acts themselves, but also their interpretations prepared by lawyers with profound knowledge.

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