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What to do when we put all our strength into the development of a new blog, and it doesn't bring results? Communication in social media is just as important as writing. Why is it worth investing in social media channels? Here are the answers

Facebook - must have every blogger

"A blogger without a blog will survive. Without a strong Facebook is nobody". - Tomasz Tomczyk. This is how Kominek/Jason Hunt wrote at the beginning of 2017. He was probably right. Having Facebook is essential for the author. Thanks to this, the blog becomes more reliable and allows readers to stay up to date. Inserting a link to a Facebook note immediately raises the blog display bar. Land is about building a range: you need interesting content and systematics.

How to lead Facebook well?

The most important thing is the idea and regularity. It is advisable to determine the weekly number and content of posts published. Remember to inform readers about new entries. It is possible to attract more readers by commenting or distributing likes. Thanks to properly run Facebook, your readers will perceive you as someone who is well acquainted with new technologies. It is worth remembering to promote your fanpage, including the paid one. Paid posts are positioned higher in the news and reach a larger group of recipients. Information about the promotion can be found in the "Facebook for Business" tab.

social media communication

How not to run a fanpage?

Many newcomers make mistakes such as spamming, ignore messages and questions from readers, or engage in online quarrels. If you receive unfavorable or provocative comments, be sure to stay calm and have a substantive discussion. Additionally, never delete posts! This angered fans. We cannot forget that "the devil is in the details". When you start working with a particular brand and start to publish entries about it, always check if everything is correct! Such failures were committed by bloggers Maffashion and Fashionelce.

Insta inspirations

Instagram is the second most popular tool used by bloggers. Aesthetic photo communication attracts the attention of fans and also shows the product in a good way. Instagram allows us to have options that the blog does not provide. When you place a photo, Instagram becomes a great medium. Blog is mainly text, but with visual elements it is immediately more interesting. Instagram is also a great way to locate your product!

How to lead a twitter?

Twitter is becoming more and more popular. Twitter enables us to keep in touch with all important people, not only from the blogosphere. It gives an opportunity to observe influencers and gain information as the first. As a blogger you can post interesting links, photos or hasthags there, as well as repost intriguing quotes on your profile. Twitter helps you to build up your network coverage and increase the number of observers. Remember to mark the users whose share entries you will share!

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