Professional marketing - what can agencies offer?


Marketing and advertising spending, especially on the Internet, continues to grow, according to IAB data. More and more companies are also focusing on quality and solid research, often outsourcing their campaigns to specialized companies.

The year 1843 and the opening of the first advertising agency in Philadelphia can be regarded as the beginning of professional advertising. Throughout the years such agencies specialized mainly in the preparation of advertisements - TV, press, radio. Today, however, advertising campaigns look completely different, and marketing, research, interactive and media houses have emerged from traditional advertising agencies.

A comprehensive approach

Marketing and research agencies make it possible to plan a comprehensive marketing campaign (especially online) and - in the case of research agencies - to diagnose needs, identify target groups, expectations of current and potential customers, as well as the best channels through which to reach them. When browsing through the offer of marketing agencies, it is easy to notice that they offer the possibility of multifaceted advertising. It is based on both SEO activities (to increase the visibility of the website and ensure high search engine performance). as well as on campaigns in social media. Marketing agency services also include designing attractive, customized websites on the web, e-mail marketing, traditional Pay Per Click advertising (paid per click) and content marketing (providing valuable, interesting content that helps to build the company's image).

Media houses

Media houses (or "media houses"), although they have grown out of advertising agencies, are much more specialised, thanks to the growth of the market and the need for a wider division of activities among certain organisations. According to reports conducted cyclically by Millward Brown, the vast majority of media houses belong to powerful international market groups, although on the Polish ground more and more non-network entities of this type are being created. They mainly deal with media purchasing, planning, media research and buying advertising time.

By outsourcing marketing campaigns to specialized companies, we guarantee a professional approach, experience in the industry and a comprehensive view of the client's needs. Relying on the services of external entities also allows you to focus on your company's core business.

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