Online advertising in 2019 - trends and antitrends


The Internet advertising market is undoubtedly one of the most dynamically developing advertising markets. At the same time, this market is a very changing market. Speaking of trends and antitrends in online advertising, it is worth noting: technical issues, the use of technology to reach a wide audience, and substantive issues, what content can be on top, what is currently fashionable, valued, disseminated by the audience.

What's waiting for us in 2019?

First of all, when answering this question, it is worthwhile to be aware of what happened in 2018 and how the technologies have changed and how they have been used by different consumer groups.

Every year, with the development of technology, new advertising opportunities appear, new channels are created, the range and popularity of certain platforms (Facebook, Instagrama, YouTube, etc.) is changing. In 2018, various social media platforms were developing more and more, so Facebook, although still the most important platform, has a lot of competition.

Every year more and more companies promote themselves in social media and in 2018 this trend continued, so that in 2019 social media advertising is better and better quality and more and more competes with each other for the possibility of appearing in the feed feed of potential customers.

In 2018, problems related to climate change, environmental protection, the needs of weaker people, differences in treatment of women and men, and manifestations of aggression against women were strongly emphasized worldwide. In response to the phenomena occurring in the world, people are changing, generations are changing (currently, in 2019, we have on the market not only the X and Y generations, but also Z), the perception abilities of the recipients are changing, the approach to the use of technology, so also the content and the way it is transmitted in response to these changes of recipients.

Technological trends or how to advertise

Omnichannel marketing

One of the trends forecast for 2019 is the use of multiple marketing channels (omnichannel marketing) as opposed to just one. As people use different channels, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the customer using only one marketing channel, so it is necessary to use different channels.

Video advertising

The basic Internet advertising is slowly becoming video advertising. Creating simple commercial videos is very easy. It is also becoming easier to create better quality movies. Well done video ads presented on YouTube or Facebook gain tens of millions of views.

Advertising during video

In addition, it is predicted that advertising on YouTube will be more important as people spend more and more time watching video content. The possibility of targeting such advertisements to a specific group of recipients is also increasing, and advertisements on this site can reach them in a completely non-invasive way (e.g. displaying a graphic advertisement in a corner of the screen).


In addition to video, podcasts will also have an important role to play, as more and more people are listening to them. The advantage of podcasts is that you can listen to them without having to focus only on them, as in the case of video, only for example on the way to work, during boring classes, etc. Companies can create their own podcasts for marketing purposes or promote themselves in influencer podcasts.

Live transmissions

Many people claim that live broadcasts of various promotional campaigns will be increasingly popular.

Using the Google Voice Assistant

Due to the entry into the market of the Polish version of the voice assistant Google, we can also expect advertisements profiled for voice search, under this assistant and referring to it.


The use of popular influencers to promote their products and services will continue to be popular.

Advertising on mobile devices

Of course, advertising on mobile devices, which are becoming more and more important, will be important.

Trends in content, i.e. what content is valuable

Apart from technological trends, a very important issue is the content trends, i.e. the issue of what is worth talking about, what may gain a wide response from potential customers. Here let's take a look at the advertisements presented during the Super Bowl 2019 finale, because these undoubtedly reflect the trends in the world and create new trends.


Speaking of anti-trends in 2019, experts point to the fact that supposedly the attempt to engage consumers in actions works less and less and one should not engage the audience too much, make people act creatively, wait for the effect of their actions, because it reduces the range of our actions. Everything, of course, depends on who we direct a given action to - remember about it. For some shares, which will require commitment, will turn out to be misplaced, for others - invigorating.

In addition, users are reacting less and less well only to advertisements indicating price reductions and promotions themselves. And of course, it depends again on who we direct the shares to, but experts make sure that we do not become pigeonholed by the price, because in the long run someone can always lower the price even further than us, and leaving the drawer and reaching customers who are not only guided by the price can be difficult.

Important information - social responsibility of the advertiser

And finally, one important piece of information. In 2019, corporate social responsibility is an increasingly important trend. Keep in mind that advertising your products is very important, but our goal is people and building lasting and good relationships between these people and our brand.

It is worth remembering about social responsibility, that is not to offer people something that harms them, something that harms the environment, or give clear information that some products should not be used or consumed in excessive quantities, others should not be replaced because fashion changes, because it harms the planet if we produce excess rubbish, etc...,online-advertising-in-2019-trends-and-antitrends

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