Data encryption: is it necessary?


Data encryption

Adequate data protection is not only a matter of reason, but also simply an obligation imposed on us by applicable law. Sensitive information about people's personal data and confidential company data must be adequately protected, but unfortunately the approach to this requirement is still inadequate and because of this security vulnerabilities are serious and still noticeable. The problem is also data loss, because some users regularly back up their data, usually on external media, but a large proportion of people completely ignore this issue, although they theoretically realize that it may result in the loss of all data.


The backup must be secure and protected from physical damage, but also ensure that it is safe from unauthorized access. Therefore, it is necessary to select the optimal method of data backup and additionally encrypt the stored data. We are even directly required to do so by law in certain situations. We are required by law to make regular backups to prevent the loss of data created between backup sessions, and encryption is required at a level that ensures that the data is adequately protected.

Data security

All sensitive data held by the company must always be encrypted. The biggest threat to data is always obtaining physical access to them by an unauthorized person. However, if the data is encrypted, even taking over them will not be of any benefit to the person taking possession of them. The need to encrypt the data does not contradict the convenience of using them. There are no problems with the data being available directly on your computer's hard drive and stored there. It is enough to use appropriate cryptographic methods, which will effectively decrypt and encode data on the fly.

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