The best Android applications for watching movies and TV for free


If you have an Android device you can decide to download free applications, thanks to which you will be able to watch movies and TV completely free of charge, on your device. You won't need a TV set, because everything can be done on your smartphone.

In addition, applications allow you to search for interesting content for audiences, or add programs to your list of favorites, so that you can find them more easily afterwards. Here are the best applications for Android, which should be used in this area.

NHK World TV Live application

A very interesting application, which allows those interested to watch live television, completely free of charge. No additional funds are then collected. You can also record video on request and watch it at a later date. A variety of entertainment programmes are available here. The image quality is very satisfactory and can be set individually.

Red Bull TV application

An application that may be of particular interest to fans of extreme sports, of which there are, after all, many. In addition, you can also watch various music programmes with its help. The important thing is that using it you can watch live coverage of many sports events.

Television applications

Tubi TV application

This is a very useful solution for all movie lovers, because there are a lot of them in the library. On your Android device you can watch action movies, horror movies, comedies, or romantic comedies with your beloved woman. Everyone who decides to download this application will not be disappointed. In this way you have access to many nature programmes.

Flipps TV application

It contains mainly entertainment channels for people of all ages. This gives you wide access to films, music videos, but also many programs for children. In this case, you can count on the HD quality image, so all programs will be really enjoyable.


Free content can also be found on YouTube, which is probably the most downloaded application of all the above for example: Thanks to it you can watch various films posted by private persons, you can also watch various films related to Polish cinema, as well as music videos. By the way, you can post your comments below them. In addition, you can set up your own channel and upload your own productions if someone is creative and noteworthy. You can also watch online streams led by different people.

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