5 great habits for your mental health by JoyCorporate Academy


​It is quite easy to take care of your mental health by adopting good, simple habits every day. Here are 5 habits mentally fit people practice, and you would benefit from incorporating into your routine to feel better and happier:


Several studies have shown that playing sports regularly is essential for good mental health. Physical activity promotes the release of endorphins which improve mood and effectively reduce symptoms of depression. Sports activity promotes the secretion of endorphins by the body.

Nicknamed the "happiness or love hormones", these proteins help promote well-being.

"The stress hormone, adrenaline, is modified during physical activity. When we exercise, we are more resistant to stress and we have less tendency to fall into anxiety and depression. We control better negative emotions and failures.


Any social activity promotes mental health and protects the brain from the damaging effects of stress, while loneliness is very bad for your health.

Immediately discover 8 tips to get out of it and learn how to bond easily. In fact, people who have daily social interactions are, in general, in better health than people living alone or having little social contact.

In addition, the risks of suffering from depression or of being affected by dementia would be lower in people who have multiple social relationships. Studies also show that a sociable person is objectively less sick and gets back on their feet more quickly if this happens.

In short, socializing helps to "boost" their immune system.


Contact with nature promotes the practice of physical exercise such as walking, hiking or cycling, increases exposure to sunlight and offers a precious space for meditation to find more serenity.

A growing body of research indicates that the rate of mental illness is significantly lower in rural areas than in cities. So try to spend as much time as possible outdoors, in the park, in the forest or in the garden to enjoy all the benefits of nature.


Perfectionism is not always a quality and, on the contrary, can be associated, when it is too extreme, with mental illnesses such as depression or eating disorders.

Seeking and demanding perfection all the time is exhausting, leads to a constant sense of worry and an oppressive fear of failure. The ideal is not to aim for perfection but to learn to do your best, to accept your own faults and to let go to live more serenely on a daily basis.


Meditation works wonders for the body and the mind because this activity allows you to refocus on the essentials and drive away negative thoughts.

If meditating seems too difficult for you, you can start with deep breathing exercises or repeat these positive affirmations to yourself regularly.

This will help you drive away negative thoughts and adopt a more optimistic mindset.

Yoga is not a miracle cure for mental illnesses, but it can, in addition to cognitive therapies or pharmacology when it is required, provide tools that have a real therapeutic dimension.

In mental health, behavioral and cognitive psychotherapies, which teach patients to solve the problems they encounter, can be, it is no longer disputed today, particularly useful.

Yoga Online, and many studies attest to this, can also find its relevance.


Smile often and enjoy life! It's also a sign of good mental health, not to mention it's good for your life expectancy: people who smile often live on average 7 years longer than those who are not.

You know now what you have to do to take care of yourself better!

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