A good title, i.e. the first principle of blog dynamics


In order for a company blog to be popular, it is necessary to discuss topics that will be of interest to the target group of products or services sold by the company. However, before the recipient reads the content, he or she must be willing to get to know it. Not only the positioning itself, but also the title of the text is important here. So how to choose the right one?

The basic mistake made by many people is an attempt to reproduce in the title what the article is about. Of course, in this case there is nothing to think about, as it is in tabloid newspapers. However, it is worth keeping it fresh. You can use an example here. The title for a new article is being searched for on the blog of interesting profiles of artists, which are related to handicraft on the Instagram. Although you can always opt for the classic: "Monthly review....", but a better solution might be "John Binegar at the Instagram". Why? Although each time the subject of the text is shown, in the latter case the title is dynamic and interesting.

A good title in a few short words reflects the main subject of the article and at the same time arouses interest on the part of the recipient. That's why it's worth to leave the schemes a little bit and have some fun. Writing, for example, a text about eye shadows will not work out a title that sounds like the name of a known shadow. It is better to opt for "Protect yourself from shadows" or "Keep your eyes wide open". Anyway, the reference to these sayings and folk wisdom always works.

A few tips for a good start

There are several main rules to follow when creating a title.

1. using numbers is a good way to show the recipient what he or she will get when he or she reads the article. People like to receive useful information, and this is how they associate letters of all kinds.

2. using a search engine - people on the web look for instructions and tutorials, sometimes definitions. So it's worth creating a title that matches your search engine queries. It should not be longer than 70 characters.

titles on the blog

Interesting ideas for titles:

1. letters - 10 ideas on, 4 information on, 6 solutions on, 7 interesting examples, 3 ways on, 3 reasons why, 5 secrets on the subject, 12 questions to, 15 trends per year, 3 things you want to know, 7 ways to solve, 8 rules for beginners, etc.

2. Tutorials - A guide, a quick tutorial for you, do it yourself, how to do it in a few steps, and so on.

3. questions - What you need to do to make, What affects, What you need to know before.... etc.

4. comparisons - VS, is that what is better in this case? etc.

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