Business idea - is franchising profitable?


Establishing one's own business involves risks and uncertainties. Concerns about the success of business often prevent the realization of their dreams about entrepreneurship. In order to avoid the risk of failure, it is worth choosing a franchise.

What is franchising and what industry to choose?

Franchising is a system of cooperation between a franchiser and a franchisee, based on the know-how package described in the agreement. It is a proven and carefully developed model, based on the sale of services, goods or technologies. Such cooperation is offered by tourist offices, clothing shops, grocery stores, restaurants and real estate agencies. Everyone who plans to start a business will find the right industry for them. It is important that it is in line with interests and gives opportunities for development. An interesting form of franchise cooperation is offered by Eurocash Group. There it is: Abc na kół, Piwne Terytoria i Faktoria Win: an original model of communication and sales. Abc on wheels is a mobile village shop, reaching a customer. The Beer Territories aim to popularise small local breweries and their craft beers. Faktoria Win is a concept addressed to small shops, filling the gap between the offer of supermarkets and specialist shops.

Is franchising profitable?

Franchising is a willingly chosen form of activity, because it is a ready-made idea for business. The franchise network enables entrepreneurs to run their businesses without the risk of falling into traps waiting for business beginners and making wrong decisions. It ensures the possibility of purchasing goods at favourable prices and cooperation with reliable suppliers. Salespeople are trained and the premises are visually adapted to the brand. Usually, his equipment has preferential prices. The business starts under a well-known brand on the market. Customers very often already know it very well and willingly use its products. This makes it much easier to reach the target group. Franchisers provide advertising, from banners to catalogues and newspapers. Franchisees can benefit from promotions, loyalty programs and price reductions. It receives a proven logistics, sales and purchase system. He can count on support at every stage.

Is it worth to start a franchise cooperation?

When deciding on a franchise cooperation, you should choose the right partner. Its well-established position in the market will provide many customers. An example is Eurocash Group, which brings together such brands as Lewiatan, Groszek, ABC and many others. It offers solutions proven by many entrepreneurs. Franchisees are self-employed, make their own decisions and influence the product range and prices. It is necessary to invest, as in any business - you have to take care of the preparation of the premises and goods yourself. Every month a franchise fee is paid, but in return it receives training and support to avoid mistakes.

Franchise is a recipe for success. It ensures independence and at the same time avoids errors. With the right amount of work and adaptation to the principles of the franchise network, the incurred expenses will pay off quickly.

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