How to save?


Wondering how to save? You would like to do it, but you have no idea where to start? It turns out that you can save practically on everything. And it's painless!

How to save money?

There are many ways to do this: driving economically, shopping with a list, investing in a dishwasher, not wasting food, going on holiday off-season, repairing equipment rather than buying new ones, selling unnecessary items and buying used items.... The annual car or car used as a test model is practically new, and even 30% cheaper than the model in the showroom. A good solution to save money is also to manage heating, commute with others and verify bank costs - maybe the account you are using is definitely too expensive and worth changing?

How to save water?

Turn off the water when shaving and brushing your teeth, take a quick shower instead of a bath, start the washing machine and dishwasher when full, avoid washing dishes under running water. To save money, do not turn the water off as much as possible while washing your hands and pouring it out if it can be reused. Choose single lever mixers, cistern with smaller flushing options, water-saving taps, energy class A for domestic appliances and class Z for the new mixer.

How to save electricity?

How to save electricity?

Start saving energy by turning off the electronic equipment from the contact while you are not using it. Phone chargers can steal a lot of electricity! It is also worth replacing bulbs and household appliances with energy-saving ones, try to use daylight whenever possible, and choose spot rather than ceiling lighting for artificial lighting. Put a traditional kettle or, in the case of an electric kettle, boil only as much water as you need. More water consumes more energy. Another way to save energy is to use pot lids (water is boiling faster then), no pre-washing (with little soiling), laundry at maximum drum load and putting on external lighting with a sensor. In this case, the light comes on when someone passes by and goes out a moment later. This saves a lot of power.

How to save on food?

Very easy! Always take the prepared list for shopping. Eat at home, not in town. Take your second breakfast to work. Don't grow out of shopping - always buy as much as you need, it will help you avoid wasting food. Plan your meals. Grow herbs and spices. Don't use carbonated fresh drinks - replace them with water. Pay attention to the best-before date and rely on goods with a long shelf life. In the case of fruit and vegetables choose the seasonal ones - they are the healthiest and cheapest.

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