Safe borrowing of money


Basic principles of safe lending

It has already been mentioned that loans granted on installments or for a moment outside the bank are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, it is still a dangerous affliction of Poles to borrow money impulsively, without verifying the loan company. This is why many people choose to make offers that are not very good or become victims of credit institutions that are not honest.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary, above all, to make certain arrangements - first of all, whether the company being considered is a reliable one and whether it has a good reputation among borrowers. Offers from unproven, new and therefore unverified companies should rather not be used. Because then it can be that the company is a "pole," so it only exists on paper.

It is also very important to carefully compare the offers with the lenders in question and to calculate what the actual fee for a given commitment will be. Interest, commission, administrative costs and any additional charges must be taken into account. The law says that all this must be very clearly defined by the lending company in question.

In addition, before entering into a financial commitment, it is best to calculate for yourself whether there will be funds at all to repay the loan instalments. This will allow you to determine whether your home budget will withstand this burden.

Check your creditworthiness

A proposal for a financial commitment may not be made hastily. It may also turn out that you will not receive a loan because you will not have enough credibility as a borrower. Then quite a few people decide to make another application, in the hope that another company will grant a loan.

Financial credibility

This is not a prudent measure. If a large number of applications are submitted at the same time, it will be noticed and recorded in the Credit Information Office, and this will further deteriorate the credibility as a borrower.

In order to check your creditworthiness in advance, it is recommended to use the BIG InfoMonitor service. Obtaining information about yourself is possible after creating a personal account on the website and after filling in the appropriate form.

How do loan companies ensure the safety of their customers?

The safety of applicants is in the hands of the companies that are responsible for financial commitments. If they do not do this, it is a clear signal that they should not trust the institution.

Above all, the lender must be able to identify us as borrowers. That is why the client has to make a verification transfer to a symbolic amount of PLN or PLN 0.01 to the account of a given company granting loans. It is an effective method of preventing situations in which someone wants to scam money with a stolen identity card.

Good lending companies archive data very carefully. Customer information is stored on servers that are protected by very good security protocols, which prevent the theft of applicants' personal data.

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