How sensible to buy AC?


Third party liability insurance is obligatory and its absence has consequences in the form of criminal charges. Additional AC insurance is voluntary, which is why many people who want to reduce the expenses associated with owning a car resign from buying it. This is not entirely a sensible decision. Why?

In which situations does AC work?

Autocasco insurance provides compensation to the owner of the vehicle in the event of theft, theft of parts of the vehicle or its equipment, collision with another vehicle, person, animal or object, as well as damage to the car as a result of acts of vandalism or the forces of nature. Most often ACs are bought by owners of valuable and new cars, which belong to popular brands and are very popular among thieves. It is also worth thinking about such additional insurance if we park in unguarded places or in an area where acts of vandalism are not uncommon. It may be difficult to find autocasco for people with older cars and cars imported from abroad, where the steering wheel is on the right hand side. Although this is not the rule, some insurance companies deny AC to owners of such vehicles.

AC in a package - what benefits?

In the case of civil liability, the matter is quite simple. Since the insurance coverage is the same regardless of the offer, it is most sensible to choose the cheapest one. People looking for an AC have a slightly more difficult task, because the scope of autocasco should be tailored to the individual needs of the car owner, and the greater the scope of protection, the higher the amount you have to pay for an AC. It is therefore worth considering what we need. For example, it makes no sense to pay for help abroad if we drive our car only in the country. Some companies offer more attractive AC prices when buying autocasco together with OC. Although it is not obligatory, it is worth thinking about such a solution - all insurances and contracts end at the same time, so that we do not have to remember about different dates, and possible losses are reported to a single insurer.

What to remember?

Before signing the contract with the insurer it is necessary to carefully read the content of the document and get acquainted with the exclusions of liability. This concept covers situations in which an insurance company refuses to pay compensation. If the car is stolen, the most common exclusion is leaving the keys or documents in the car, and in the event of a collision it will usually be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We should also remember to respect the deadlines for reporting damage. Usually we should inform the insurer about collisions and other damages within 7 days, and in case of theft we usually have only 24 hours to report the theft.

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