Artificial intelligence in ocean rescue missions


Intel has partnered with Parley for the Oceans and the Ocean Alliance to deliver advanced Artificial Intelligence and Drones technologies for ocean environmental research.

Under the leadership of marine biologist and Ocean Alliance CEO Dr. Iain Kerr, Parley conducts research and education activities in the field of cetaceans and their natural environment - the oceans - which also play a key role for our species. Accelerating research has been made possible by Intel technologies - artificial intelligence and drones, whose task is to improve the effectiveness of expeditions conducted by Parley and its partners.

To meet the challenge of collecting cetacean data, Kerr and his team developed SnotBots - modified drones designed to take samples from cetacean water vapour poles as they emerge to the surface to catch your breath. This unique "fountain" provides valuable biological information about the animal - including stress hormones, pregnancy hormones, viruses, bacteria and toxins present in the body. SnotBot devices are able to send the collected information to researchers on ships located at a safe distance from mammals.

Ocean cleaning project

Intel's expertise and technologies enable the transmission of data from drones to scientific devices, as well as the use of analytical algorithms to identify individuals and monitor their health in real time. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this is possible even in the face of disturbing factors - such as unforeseen cetacean movement or limited visibility deep into the ocean. In the future, the initiative will also be supported by Intel's development of drones such as Falcon 8+, a model designed for high reliability and precision during flight, designed for use in the harsh conditions that we may often encounter in the oceanic environment. This knowledge and technology will enable researchers to act more quickly on the basis of data on the long-term state of the oceans and our planet.

To see the SnotBots in action (and also see amazing pictures of cetaceans), visit the Parley for the Oceans website.

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