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The most famous and valued platform on which you can create a blog, website or online shop is WordPress. Thanks to the plugins that you can install there, you will be able to introduce many functional solutions. Remember that too many of them may overload the website and slow down its work, which in effect will only have negative effects. Take a look at the most popular plugins, which are worth extending your website.


This is probably the most popular plug-in! Thanks to it you will effectively optimize your website. Don't think long and install it first. It is very helpful in building an XML page map, robots.txt file or htaccess. Thanks to the preview function, you can check the structure and length of the meta descriptions at any time.


Backing up is essential for running your websites. If you haven't done so yet, don't wait until you lose your data and make a copy. The WP-DB-Backup plug-in, which enables automatic backups, will prove invaluable. You can set the frequency of their execution, and they will be created without your help. You can send a copy to your e-mail address.


Nowadays, social media activity is almost necessary to exist with your company on the Internet. This allows you to build a wide range of recipients of your content. On Facebook or Twitter we often share articles, photos and news with the world. It builds the image of the company and helps to increase interest in the website. The Social Media Widget will help you with this. It will allow you to add social media buttons to your website.


Thanks to this plugin you will be able to easily manage comments on your website. It also allows you to block unwanted entries. Connect to Facebook and Google, and you'll be able to log in anywhere with the same data and comment from a single account.

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I think most people associate this plug-in. It allows you to add statistics code to WordPress, track the traffic on your website and check reports on the effectiveness of each entry. You will find out who is looking at your website and what content they are looking for there. This information will help you to draw conclusions and improve the content you are introducing.


This is a plug-in that will make it extremely easy for you to work on your website if you have services or products on offer. Thanks to WooCommerce you will create an online shop on your website. Complete all the formalities and enjoy the opportunity to sell your products and services.


Creating a contact form will be extremely easy if you use the Contact Form 7 plug-in. It is very intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to quickly prepare the form you need.


Remember to add a map to your website. This will make it much easier to locate your business. With the Google Maps plug-in you can mark on the map not only selected points, but also areas and shapes that will determine the location of your company in relation to other places on the map. You can also change the display mode to terrain or satellite.

When creating a website, use plug-ins very wisely. In this case, less is more. Don't overload your website unnecessarily, but choose the plugins that will make it easier to move around. Eight plugins presented in the above article will surely suffice as a basis for building an intuitive website.

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