Integrated marketing, i.e. countless possibilities of online promotion


What exactly is integrated marketing?

This term is used to describe an advertising message used in many communication channels. And all of this is guided by one goal - to reach the recipient and interest in our offer. This, to put it simply, is integrated marketing. The synergy of activities in different channels of communication today concerns mainly online activities. This is about a holistic approach and consistency of action. In integrated marketing, the most important thing is to provide the best message to the customer, at each stage of mutual contact. In addition, there are different channels, all of which make up a single marketing strategy. The end of the year has already shown that a well thought-out, integrated promotion can bring excellent results.

What does integrated communication entail?

It has been known for a long time that in order to get to know the brand well and trust it, the customer has to "meet" it several times, preferably in different places. In the age of the ubiquitous Internet, consumers are present on many channels, so it is important to know where it is worth remembering. What is more, it helps to reduce the distance between the brand and the customer, which opens the door to gaining a loyal and committed customer. Nowadays, it is the brand that should follow the consumer and not the other way round, of course, in an unobtrusive way.

Effectiveness of integrated marketing

Another very important advantage of this type of activity is its scope. This is the power of communication on many levels. A well-thought-out, integrated campaign allows you to achieve higher results than intended. Precise actions on a large scale make it possible to reach a larger number of recipients than those that only concern one channel. As a result, we get not only good looking statistics from the marketing department, but also from the sales department.

Thoughtful use

As you can see, the combination of several communication channels can do a lot. But that's not all - the most important thing is the thoughtful use of this opportunity. The success is largely determined by the team, which plans such activities and then is responsible for their implementation. It is important that clearly set objectives guide the process of creating the whole campaign and then that it is controlled and adapted to the changes taking place on the market. Today, with so many analytical and optimization capabilities, a good, experienced marketing team, combining the right channels, is able to create not only reach and effective, but also original and unique campaigns that will be heard about all over the world.

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