What is coworking?


Coworking means renting more office space together. This solution is becoming more and more popular. Coworking is very popular. Especially when it comes to small business owners, freelancers or freshly baked parents. What does coworking actually mean and what does it mean?

Coworking is understood as cooperation, i.e. running and staying in a given space by people who are not related in terms of professional sense.

Office space lease agreement

The basis of coworking in general is a contract. The contract is concluded between the tenant and the person renting the office. This could be, for example, the owner of a small business. The subject of course is the lease of office space. Usually, contracts are concluded for an indefinite period of time. They also have the possibility to dissolve them at one month's notice. They can therefore be referred to as flexibility. It is in the form of coworking that the freelancers are mainly interested in working in the form of coworking. These are architects, lawyers or IT specialists.

working in coworking space

Advantages - coworking

The advantages of coworking are the advantages on three levels. It is a human factor, a labour factor or an economic factor. An unquestionable advantage of coworking should be the possibility of doing a much more effective job. When we work in a rented office, we undoubtedly have peace and quiet. In addition, we feel as if we are at work as much as possible. It does not distract us. We also do not feel like on holiday. In doing so, we carry out our professional duties.

Thanks to coworking we are able to establish a number of contacts. These are both private and professional contacts. When we decide to lease office space, we must absolutely take into account the fact that every day we will be among different people. You don't need to convince anybody about the importance of friendship and contacts in personal life and in business. Coworking also has financial advantages. As a result, we have reduced labour costs. We can use the office itself at any time. It depends on what system we choose for ourselves. We can settle monthly, hourly or daily. Monthly subscription costs about five hundred zlotys. The cost is thirty to fifty zlotys per day, and in an hour or so ten to fifteen zlotys per hour. Most offices also offer us access to office equipment.

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