Investment in cheaper currencies - a guide for entrepreneurs


Today's businesses are worried about the spectrum of the crisis and are looking for savings, cost optimisation and certain investments that will result in high returns. Nowadays, the services of internet exchange offices are becoming more and more popular, thanks to which currency exchange becomes more profitable and foreign investments bring greater profits. How do e-cantors work?

Genesis of internet exchange offices

Internet exchange offices have taken over the currency exchange market in our country. Undoubtedly, it was the dynamic development of modern technologies that made services offering favourable exchange rates and low spreads so successful. An important factor influencing the development of e-cantors was also beneficial changes in the Polish law, especially after 2011, when new provisions of the so-called anti-spread act came into force. It was then that such websites appeared, which addressed their services not only to individual customers who wanted to pay installments of foreign currency loans in a much lower form, but also opened up to entrepreneurs (e.g. those dealing with foreign investments).

How do online exchange offices work?

Internet exchange offices win against traditional exchange offices and banks on many levels. First of all - a low spread guarantees very favourable exchange rates, even 8% lower than in fixed branches. E-cantors are also extremely comfortable - they offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Money is exchanged on a non-cash basis, which in the case of companies handling large foreign exchange transactions is extremely important - the risk disappears and the whole procedure is much more secure. Transaction security is also guaranteed at the IT level - Internet currency exchange services provide encrypted connections, and the personal data protection policy ensures that information about customers and entities using e-cantor services is confidential.

Additional benefits for businesses

E-cantors address their offer to different groups of customers, but entrepreneurs executing large transactions (e.g. over 10 thousand euro) can negotiate terms and take advantage of even lower exchange rates. A big advantage is also the speed of transactions - over 90% of them are handled within 15 minutes. Kantor cooperates with experts, including experienced currency dealers with up-to-date information on the currency market situation, financial market advisors and specialists from the customer service office.

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