A smartphone for those who are above the norm!


Modern technologies make themselves known in every area of life. Huawei P9 is a smartphone that meets the requirements of active people and sportsmen. It is worth taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Chinese manufacturer's phone.

Take care of yourself every day

Health is a priceless and timeless value, it cannot be converted into zlotys or any other face value. What's more, health is not only a state devoid of disease, but also a feeling of well-being every day, a great figure and a form that allows you to perform many activities. And it is not about professional training in any of the sports disciplines, but only about greater awareness of the food and meals consumed and regular activity, for example in the form of recreation.

If you are dominated by a sedentary lifestyle, you mainly eat ready-made meals from nearby restaurants, and the only effort during the week is to go down to a car parked in the garage, you should seriously consider changing your habits. After just a dozen or so days you will notice the first effects. Better sleep, easier and more pleasant getting up from bed and a better psychophysical form in general.

Nowadays, it is also worth to use modern technologies, which make it easier to get the figure of your dreams. Of course, none of them can replace hard work, but products such as the Huawei phone allow you to better control your training, diet and progress.

Phone Huawei and exercises

There are many forms of movement to choose from and everyone will find something for themselves. Importantly, you can use the functional Huawei P9 phone for almost any of them. Its practical size makes it easy to place in a case or a special sports bag.

Do you like running? Are you preparing for one of the many city runs, or maybe even a marathon? Your Huawei phone will help you to improve your training. Just download one of the applications, such as Endomondo, which allows you to monitor in real time many parameters, such as the distance covered, running speed or calories burned. Many people prefer to listen to music while running. Just plug in the headset included with your Huawei P9 and enjoy the highest sound quality.

Exceptional multimedia in Huawei P9

You can use the device in a similar way during other activities. Plan a mountain hike or bicycle route with P9 and follow it kilometre by kilometre. And if you see a beautiful landscape worth immortalizing, take advantage of your smartphone and take a one-of-a-kind picture. Thanks to the use of up to two sensors, the main camera takes brighter pictures with even fuller details and fuller colors.

The 8 Mpix front camera allows you to make popular selfs. At any time you can boast about your training in social media or send material to your friends in mms messages. It is worth mentioning that the optical elements in this Huawei phone were made by the legendary Leica company.

Keep fit with Huawei P9

The cult smartphone from Huawei is the perfect answer to the needs of active people. In addition to many practical functions, it is also extremely durable and resistant to damage, which is not difficult during physical activity. An additional advantage of the device is a very efficient battery with a capacity of up to 3000 mAh. Thanks to it you don't have to worry that during training or a long expedition your phone will discharge.

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