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From the very beginning, motivational training courses have focused on what customers expect. People are looking for trainers mainly because they dream of a life that looks different than it is today. They want change, but often they also dream of achieving specific goals. It is also not uncommon for coaches to be visited for personal reasons.

It can be motivated both by a specific issue and by a general objective, as much depends on the person we are dealing with. Sometimes the trainer simply has to support a person who is satisfied with what he has, but constantly wants more from life than ever before.

More balance in life

A business trainer is also hired to make sure that there is more order and balance in life, as it often turns out that this is a task that an outside person copes with extremely well. Motivational training can have different sources, but you cannot disagree with the fact that it always starts with the client. The trainer should therefore work to ensure that his client has a chance to develop his potential and define it. It is supposed to help the customer in such a change, which is of the greatest interest to him/her.

The power of coaching

On many levels coaching is therefore a support for the person who makes certain efforts. Of course, it should not be forgotten that motivational training also owes a great deal to other disciplines. Here, psychology and psychological counselling, which is a variant of it, deserve special attention. These two areas are in quite intense competition with each other, which can be seen, among other things, in the analysis of literature in which accusations are often made of both superficiality and lack of psychological depth.

Coaching in business

Naturally, in some circumstances we are talking about an allegation that is difficult to deny truthfulness, because when we are dealing with a business trainer with little experience, it often happens that he does not see signals and trails that would be immediately visible to the psychologist and leave no doubt as to their interpretation. The difference, however, concerns mainly the mental condition of the client, because it is different when he is looking for the support of a coach and when he decides to visit a psychotherapist. For this reason, for example, psychotherapists themselves often talk about patients rather than about customers.

Is a business coach a profession with a future?

Many people imagine that business coaches get up late, start the day with a slow coffee and only then get down to work. They work seven days, others have time off, and for one day of training they pay a bill of ten thousand zlotys. But the reality is a bit different

Business coach

A business coach who wants to be considered good must be a high-class specialist in a given field. Its main task is to educate and develop the participants of the training in the so-called soft skills, i.e., time management, effective sales techniques, in the field of negotiations. This is a flexible profession, but business coaches often also work at weekends. There are many myths about the level of their earnings, but it should be stressed very strongly that people who do not have the right preparation, do not have specific predispositions, will not achieve success in the industry.

Business coach

A demanding but interesting profession

In Poland, working as a trainer is a young profession (the possibilities of working in this profession appeared about twenty years ago), but it still arouses great interest. There is still no legislation in place to regulate the profession of business coach. This occupation is not even included in the Classification of Occupations. Its popularity is partly due to the development of the market for training and entrepreneurship services. The reason why many people decided to work as a business trainer was that they could receive a grant from the European Social Fund to start a business.

Trainers are surrounded by an atmosphere of prestige, with myths circulating about the level of their earnings, as well as about the free way of life they lead. These factors were an incentive for many to join their ranks. The myths that have grown up around the training community can create a very confusing image in young apprentices. Selecting clients, collecting extremely high salaries and taking care of your own how to act only those people who have spent at least ten years in training rooms can afford. It is indeed difficult for these people to find a vacant seat in their timetable.

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