5 ways to reduce water bills


Are you addicted to daily baths? In a leaking krone, the most annoying is the sound of dripping? Do you feel that saving water requires daily sacrifices? Starting to use water more sensibly does not have to be an agony. We have prepared tips to help you effectively reduce your water costs. No one needs to be reminded that water is one of the most precious goods of this world.

However, we only start to think about saving water when we receive bills for large amounts. Whether we are driven by a desire to protect the environment or to improve our wallet, every reason is good to start saving. If you are not sure how to deal with it, our tips come in handy.

  1. Check that everything is tight

    A leaking tap or a leaking cistern is a seemingly trivial failure - we usually do not call on the plumber, because the cost of the service is more than the cost of wasted water. However, according to an old saying: a drop to a drop, and there will be the sea. With a leaking tap we can lose up to 12,000 litres a year! Therefore, it is worth to make sure that the equipment in our house does not leak - often the solution to the problem comes down to replacing the defective seal. This is a small effort, and it will allow us to avoid paying for water that we do not use.

  2. Choose economical equipment

    When purchasing household appliances, take into account what kind of savings programs it contains.

    It may be a good idea to replace an old washing machine. Nowadays, almost all devices are equipped with water and energy-saving programs. Some washing machines can even weigh the laundry on their own, and dishwashers - assess the level of soiling of dishes, and based on the result select the right amount of water! Sometimes it is advisable to opt for higher end equipment - it is better to pay more at a time than to pay less every month.

  3. Install aerators

    Despite its exotic name, a perlator is a cheap and uncomplicated tool - it's something like a sieve, which is mounted at the outlet of a tap or air. By aerating the water, the aerator optically increases the stream of water and at the same time reduces the amount of water escaping from the faucet. Thanks to aerators you can save 15-60% of water!

  4. Replace cisterns

    How much water do flushing systems use per day? Unfortunately, much more than we think. The capacity of a standard flush cistern is from 6 to 9 litres. We use up to 50 litres every day! Choosing water-saving flushing systems you can save up to half - they have a small or large flushing function and a stop button, which allows you to stop flushing at any time.

  5. Change habits

    Even the most modern and economical equipment will not help if we are not able to use it properly. The way to reduce your bills is through certain habits. Our daily activities have the greatest impact on water consumption. Here are some effective ways to reduce water consumption. If you follow them, there will surely be more money left in your wallet!

    - reduce the number of baths - replace them with a shower;

    - Do not leave the tap unscrewed when brushing or shaving;

    - Avoid flushing the toilet unit unnecessarily - dispose of rubbish only;

    - instead of washing by hand, wash the dishes in a sink filled with water and liquid. Rinse with as little water as possible.

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