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Creation of visual notes

For some time now there has been a boom for visual notes, that is all kinds of abbreviations of information contained in various articles, courses or books, and even lectures. Most importantly, you don't have to be a graphic designer to create such a thing, although support for graphics programs or tablets will be a big advantage. We can also create such notes by hand. The most important thing is that they are flexible, compact and contain the essence of the material.


Webinars, like online courses, are a brilliant form of sharing knowledge, but most of all earning money from it. It's also a great way to work from home, because we have total control over our time.

Online courses

It's a great business idea, which can not only be realized at the very beginning even after hours, but it's also a great way to generate passive income. Depending on our business model, such courses or ebooks can become a good source of permanent revenue. Such work works especially when we have a large knowledge of a specific field. It doesn't have to be programming, marketing or something very difficult. Courses on things like cooking, drawing, photography, crocheting and even many more are equally popular.

Your own E-book

Writing your own book or e-book is also an interesting idea for an additional source of income. However, such work at home involves spending a lot of time creatively creating and pouring ideas onto paper. Releasing an e-book itself is also a complex process, so we encourage you to consider the ego of the idea at the beginning as an additional source of income, not the main one. Don't throw in to write books if you're not sure of your abilities and you don't have cash reserves.

Internet sales

Internet sales

Another idea for working from home is to sell. You can exhibit unused items, misplaced gifts or books, films or games that you no longer need CI on Allegro or other portals of this type. You can also sell your works or bought items with your own margin.

Creation of jewellery or cosmetics

If you create your own jewelry or cosmetics in your home, it will be a great idea to sell them through the web.

Facebook and group support

Facebook is no longer a simple communication platform. This is a real combine harvester! The requirement of quick reaction and interaction, as well as watching over what is happening in our part of the network, makes many businessmen or influencers look for people who will help them to control this battlefield. If you are not a stranger to this portal such work can be a bull's eye!


Many companies, even small ones, are currently deciding to create their blogs and websites where they place expert advice. Many of them are also looking for editors or ghostwriters to write texts. So if you enjoy writing and you know how to write such texts, this idea is perfect for you!

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