How do I choose the right power supply for my computer?


Without a power supply, even the best computer is just a scrapless one. However, choosing the right power supply unit is not that easy. What should the user pay attention to first?

The most important value in the case of a PSU is its power - and not its nominal value, but the actual one. In the case of devices from less reputable manufacturers, the maximum power achieved is often given, not the result obtained with continuous operation of the computer. In this way, the power supply - although it should theoretically be able to handle the task entrusted to it - fails at the end.

How and where energy flows

The user must also find out how much power he needs for his PC. The graphics card and processor consume the most power, and you need to know that the power is not distributed evenly, but over several lines of different values. Some lines are only able to pass a certain amount of current through them. For example, in the ZM1200-ARX power supply the most important 12V line conducts up to 1200 W.

Quality with plus

It is worth knowing, however, that some of the power is lost during the journey to the components. Knowledge of the certificates granted to power supplies is useful here. If the device is 80 Plus certified, it means that it is a high-end device that loses much less energy. By the way, it will consume less power - after all, the loss will have to be compensated by additional energy consumption - than in the case of poorer power supplies. This will, of course, translate into a lower electricity bill.

Power supply for your computer

Where was the power?

The lost power is not lost, but converted into heat, which means that cooling is an important part of the power supply. These are divided into three types: active, for people with a powerful computer; passive, i.e. without a fan, but working quietly; semi-passive, with fans working only at a specific temperature.

Licho is not asleep

However, overheating the power supply is not the only failure that can happen, so you should check what protection your equipment offers. The power supplies can be protected against excessive or low voltage, overload, overcurrent and short-circuit.

Why lose space?

It is also worth making sure that the cabling of the PSU is fully modular, as for example in the EBT series from Zalman. These cables make it easier to manage and maintain tidiness, as well as the impact on the airflow in the enclosure, and thus more efficient cooling.

The march to the shop!

There are many factors that determine whether a power supply is usable or not. However, the above characteristics of good power supplies should make it much easier to find a device that will really work for the computer being powered.

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