Time recording - advantages of the RCP system


Different systems for recording working time exist on the market. More and more companies decide to change from a traditional form to a comfortable RCP. What are the advantages of this? Ideally, if we discuss the benefits on a specific example, in this case it will be inEwi, which is a convenient application that every employer should know.

Cost savings

Well done time recording is important in terms of savings in the company. Above all, it is very precise, which means that the employer pays wages for actual involvement and not for delays or longer breaks. Digital TCPs provide insight into details and the ability to quickly produce reports that manually generate a little bit of work. As you know, time is money in every enterprise. In most cases it is the case that in order to introduce an automatic T&A system in a company, you need to purchase expensive registration devices. However, when it comes to other people, the situation here is different. You can use a computer, laptop or smartphone with Androdi or iOs systems to monitor the working time. It also saves a lot of money.


There is no denying that manual listing and analysis are not very convenient. On the other hand, the automation of this process allows you to find the necessary data much faster and easier. The fact that such activities can be easily carried out online means that there is no need to search for papers or print them in order to hand them over to another employee. Everything is done in a convenient and legible system. Importantly, in InEwi we also distinguish between normal hours and overtime, which results in the most reliable data. In addition, the system is particularly suitable for duties performed remotely, as well as during business trips. In such situations, the traditional time registration based on devices in the office simply does not work.

An important step forward

It is important for people running their own business to continue to grow. It is impossible to move forward and achieve better results based on the same devices or outdated methods. In the case of RCP, the situation is similar, as the company moves from a traditional form of records to one that allows for automation of tasks and adapting them to the prevailing standards. When it comes to inEw, we can provide the company, and especially the HR department, with full integration with popular HR and payroll programs such as Sage Symfonia or Comarch Optima. Thanks to such a simple transfer, it is easier to manage the entire record of working time, and at the same time to calculate the remuneration faster and without mistakes.

The benefits of using this system are obvious, so it is worth thinking seriously about its implementation. As a rule, certain decisions have a number of different consequences, both negative and positive. In this case, we are only talking about positives, because it is difficult to find any bad sides to such a system. The experience of many companies shows that the traditional working time registration system must be replaced sooner or later by something more efficient. If, on the other hand, the advantages of using it are so obvious, why not do it as soon as possible?

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