How to promote your company on the Internet?


New media have increased the number of places and ways of presenting their products and services to potential customers. How to promote your company depending on your needs and available budget?

Company blog and expert blog

Blogs have been enjoying unwavering popularity for years. Many native bloggers have become stars of the Internet, and their opinions are a recommendation to buy (or not) a given product. Cooperation with bloggers is becoming less and less frequent only on barter rules. Many opinion leaders act as legal companies, therefore the use of bloggers as carriers of information is associated with financial outlays.
This does not change the fact, however, that even the owner of a one-man business, if he has enough self-denial and creative spirit, can create a blog where he will share his specialist knowledge, thus building up his image as an expert. Companies also have their own blogs, although such a solution can be more difficult due to the need to provide readers with constantly new, interesting content about the company, its development, or actions in which it engages.

Social media

Although the saying "If you are not on Facebook, you don't exist", which is popular among generation Y, still seems to be far exaggerated, it must be objectively admitted that social media took over interpersonal relations by storm, at the same time becoming an ideal place to present their brand.
When choosing the most suitable medium for you, it is worth paying attention to its specificity. Instagram, a virtual album with the most important image, which is becoming more and more popular in Poland, will be perfect for promoting companies focused on creativity and creativity. Fashion and jewellery designers, as well as restaurant owners have long ago discovered its potential, gaining popularity with suggestive photos of new collections or colourful photographs of dishes straight from the oven.

Thematic forums and groups

Whispered marketing consisting in publishing custom posts in specific, precisely defined thematic threads is also a willingly chosen form of promotion, due to the high credibility of recommendations. It is usually posted by active users of forums, who are involved in many threads, who in passing interfere in the answer to someone else's question, or doubt the possibility of a possible solution, which they have used themselves. It is worth noting that this form of promotion works well only in the case of the highest quality marketers. However, if made in an unprofessional way, it may effectively undermine the credibility of the advertised company.

PR agencies

As long as an expert blog or social media profile can theoretically be run by anyone. Designing a marketing campaign based on consistent communication of the company's values may cause problems for people who are not professionally involved in PR and marketing. PR agencies cooperate with qualified graphic designers and copywriters as well as have contacts with the media.

Media houses

Television, radio, press and the biggest Internet portals publishing information or broadcasting advertisements of a given company are the dream of its owner. It should be remembered, however, that the larger the medium, the higher the cost of its appearance in its pages.

The company that negotiates rates and prepares a nationwide and sometimes even international campaign is usually a media house. On the basis of statistical data, its qualified employees can, among other things, calculate the achievable ranges of emitted content and predict the real financial translation of the means involved in the advertising project.

The most frequently used forms of online advertising are discussed above. Just as the network itself is unlimited, there are many ways to present their products and services, and their choice depends only on the invention of the owner of the company.

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