Which monitor stand to choose?


Working in front of a computer is not always comfortable. Long hours spent in front of the monitor can cause back pain, spinal curvature and various postural degeneration. It is therefore necessary to adapt the workplace to the person who will be using the computer. This applies to both the workplace in the office and our home office. It is important that all parameters are personalized. We differ in height, body structure, certain congenital defects of the spine and even habits.

Computers no longer occupy the entire desk, but it often happens that we work with two monitors. Then the organization of the desk is quite important, and every free space is worth its weight in gold. A good monitor stand or a special adjustable handle can help us adjust the position so that the monitors are at eye level and our spine is not S-shaped.

Monitor stand - advantages

In most cases, such instruments allow us to freely manipulate our monitor, change its angle of inclination, height or move it freely on the desk. Some brackets even allow you to position the monitor vertically. If you have chosen a monitor stand, it will help you keep your desk tidy. Such a stand is often adjustable in height, so we can hide important, most frequently used documents or a calculator underneath it.

Adjustable monitor standAdjustable monitor stand

Manufacturers are outperforming each other in the increasingly sophisticated functions of stands and handles. More and more often, the products they offer help to organize cables, which are quite a lot when working on a desktop computer. Some handles and stands have a special cable routing system, thanks to which the cables do not distract us, do not get tangled, and our work space looks more aesthetic. Another additional advantage of some of the units can be the built-in USB ports. Some handles are designed in such a way that up to four or more additional devices can be connected to them thanks to such sockets. The world of computers is developing very dynamically, so for a long time you can also buy laptop stands, which are more and more often our main tool for work. Such stands also have the possibility to connect a charger, adjustment. They also often have a cooling function, which is quite important in the case of laptops. Of course, an important element that we will follow when choosing a monitor stand is its appearance. It is known that we will try to make sure that a given thing fits into our interior as much as possible.

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