What is whispered marketing?


Whispered marketing is, by definition, a marketing activity whose aim is to reach the recipient with marketing information by means of a "spontaneous" oral message. This type of marketing is aimed at reaching with the promoted texts through, amongst others, discussions in the Internet. The way it is conducted can be both open and confidential, which is used by ambassadors of a particular brand or user account (sometimes fictitious).

What are the tasks of whispered marketing?

The main tasks of whispered marketing are:

  • creating positive customer relations,
  • Launching product discussions,
  • evoking positive opinions about products,
  • creating a sense of "care" by helping with official problems.

Apart from the main tasks, this type of marketing is aimed at promoting products or services, creating traffic on websites, providing links (SEO element). If used inappropriately, whispered marketing can have negative effects.

Whispered marketing requirements

You can't confuse whispered marketing with ordinary spam. First of all, we must have a history of "normal" posts on selected portals. In addition, our posts should agree with the topic of the forum, and it is better to participate in the existing threads. You should avoid making the links available in an intrusive way, it must look natural. We only link information that is consistent with the subject matter of the post, and our goal should be to actually help users. Do not mislead!

whispered marketing

How to order whispered marketing?

The cheaper the service, the worse its quality. It's better to pay more, but be sure that the posts you add will be appropriate. Experience shows that 10 good posts, which look natural, are placed in good places, concern the topic and are grammatically correct, and are answers to the thematic discussion, cost from 25 to 80 PLN.

The most common sins whispers are:

  • not using the correct Polish language,
  • not knowing the product or topic,
  • Adding commercial threads immediately after creating an account,
  • publishing posts on inactive forums,
  • creating new threads instead of finding suitable places to publish posts,
  • making the same posts available in multiple forums,
  • Inconsistency of the field with the subject matter of the forum,
  • writing on forums that have been sleepy for a long time,
  • sharing posts on pages that have been forgotten (site=0),
  • adding posts with nofollow links,
  • adding posts to pages that Google does not have access to.

Nevertheless, it is still worthwhile to outsource whispered marketing. Whispers with extensive experience have a rich history in various forums, have the right feel for writing posts, and do it quickly and cheaply.

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