Manage your account with the smartphone app


A smartphone is a device that is currently used not only to communicate with other people by voice, text, MMS, or with the use of popular Internet communicators. It also allows you to take advantage of such a facility as managing your operator account.

Useful apps for your smartphone and their capabilities

Deciding on useful applications to manage your account on your smartphone In this way, you gain access to a wide range of functions, thanks to which you gain access to a number of functions. The first one is the ability to control your payments with information on dates and the display and download of e-invoices. This avoids a situation in which an invoice is not paid or is paid after the deadline. You can also control your expenses by downloading billing, checking the number of available minutes of telephone calls, SMS, MMS or the degree of use of the data packet available under the contract. In this way, you will not exceed the set limits and you will avoid making payments for using the operator's services in excess of the programme. It is also extremely important for smartphone users to be able to quickly proceed to the payment of the invoice from their online account or using a special QR code, which allows them to pay their bills in the shop.

Among other conveniences that smartphone users can count on when deciding on useful applications to manage their accounts, it is worth mentioning the ability to manage their data in the contract and its preview, activate additional services and preview the status of the request (which is extremely useful in the case of complaints). The smartphone application is therefore a tool that can comprehensively deal with many issues, without having to make a phone call to the customer service office or go directly to a fixed location, so you can see an increasing number of software downloads to smartphones of people of different age categories.

Launching applications on a smartphone

Once installed using the online shop, the operator account management application starts by clicking its icon on the display. Then just enter your username and password from the keyboard and after a while you will be able to enjoy a number of possibilities of managing your account.

Technical requirements for using the online application

Useful account management applications from your smartphone can be launched after meeting the appropriate technical requirements specified by your software provider. First of all, a mobile device must have an appropriate version of the system.

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